Mirrored furniture in a kitchen creates larger and brighter effect. Due to the function of mirror is to reflect anything in front of it. Some people avoid the use of mirrored furniture because it will easy to broke, but some others adore it by the function.

More clothes need more storage. Buying new cabinet will cost much. Moreover, it needs large space. So, we need to be more creative to have new storage that not only budget friendly but also save the space. Using open closet may look better. See these following inspirations;

One of living room essentials that will its design is sofa. However, you need to consider what sofa style that will be fit to your living room. Think about the style, color, and size. No matter the sofa that you choose, it has to be looked aesthetic and appealing.

Let us look back at 70’s era where cane becomes trend. It seems like this old material come back nowadays with new design of course. Even, it become one of timeless style that will make your room appears adorable. Cane may be used for chairs, tables, beds, etc.

Book lovers, this is what you need. A reading nook that will make you enjoy any time. Not only the space, but also you need to consider the best chair to sit and read. Since reading will take most of your time, a comfortable chair must be owned. Here are some chair models that highly recommended for reading.

One of the most versatile materials used for furniture is bamboo. We can do a lot of things with this material, especially to make furniture. It comes to make a house has traditional touch. There are some accents, furniture, or home accessories made from bamboo. You can see how bamboo chairs give tremendous effect for dining room as follow;

Enjoy sunlight at summer will be the most adorable thing to do this summer. Going to a beach or just lay down at your patio will relax your mind and body. Enjoy sunlight at morning or see sunset at afternoon will be very pleasant outdoor moment. Make sure you have one of this furniture to complete your summer day;

With limited budget, you can still add modern or traditional furniture by create it. Show your creativity and choose cheap material to get any furniture you need. One of them you can use cement to create vase, lamp, chairs, and tables.