There are many corners in a house that most of them are empty. Actually, you can change them into more functional part. One of the ways is that creating corner shelves. It helps you to make the rooms tidier. Moreover, you have extra place to keep your small things. So, why don’t you try to make simple corner shelves? See further ideas below;

Corner cabinet works well for kitchen, living room, dining room, or even bathroom nook. It will fill the space without make it full. Moreover, you will have extra storage. So, what are you waiting for? Just install corner cabinet and let your room look neat and clean. Like these following ideas;

Book lovers, this is what you need. A reading nook that will make you enjoy any time. Not only the space, but also you need to consider the best chair to sit and read. Since reading will take most of your time, a comfortable chair must be owned. Here are some chair models that highly recommended for reading.

The idea of having your own breakfast bar will boost your mood at morning. It may be located near your dining area or next to the window. However, you may need more furniture, lighting, and space to build breakfast nook as your desire. Eat your breakfast or just drink your coffee will be more exciting.

When you have no longer space for cabinet to be installed at your kitchen, you need more hacks. Creating DIY storage or just eliminating bulky hardware will make the kitchen looks larger. However, you still have the chance to add simple rug, flowers, or simple wallpaper. See these following hacks for small kitchen as follow;