There are many corners in a house that most of them are empty. Actually, you can change them into more functional part. One of the ways is that creating corner shelves. It helps you to make the rooms tidier. Moreover, you have extra place to keep your small things. So, why don’t you try to make simple corner shelves? See further ideas below;

Corner cabinet works well for kitchen, living room, dining room, or even bathroom nook. It will fill the space without make it full. Moreover, you will have extra storage. So, what are you waiting for? Just install corner cabinet and let your room look neat and clean. Like these following ideas;

Cooking space should be design carefully to get happy cooking time. How you choose color will impact kitchen design that also affect your mood later on. In this case, pink color will gain you to have better feeling to cook any meals for your family.

Do you live in a condo? Since condo is small stay just like apartment, you need to apply simple but functional bathroom. Due to bathroom is a must have room for any home stay whether apartment, condominium, tiny house, or others. See these following condo bathroom designs that functional and sleek below;

More clothes need more storage. Buying new cabinet will cost much. Moreover, it needs large space. So, we need to be more creative to have new storage that not only budget friendly but also save the space. Using open closet may look better. See these following inspirations;

When a part of you wall seems empty, you need to add more accents. It is easy to buy something at the store, but create wall art by yourself will better. You will not only be more creative but also feel excited. Find something such as paper, sticks, rubber, or anything and make wall art. See these following ideas to inspire you;

A space at your house that will give your more advantages is under the stairs. Rather than let this area empty, use it as storage seems better idea. You may save any thing as you need. It may be shoes, jackets, books, or even fragile items. Under stairs storage will make your house look tidy and comfy.

How many shoes do you have? Sometimes anyone can be so crazy to find where their shoes are. It happens because they are not organized well. Sometimes they find the shoes at bedroom, playroom, or even, at backyard. So, you need a place to save your shoes in storage. See these examples!

Kids’ room is usually full of toys. To organize their toys you need more storage. However, it is not easy as well to add more cabinets for kids’ room that already full of toys. So, you have to think more about the ways to add storage without make the room feel cluttered. Check out these inspirations;

Though kitchen tends to looked as messy area, but you can make it more organized. Of course, you need more storage to hold all your kitchen utensils. When your cabinet cannot afford your utensils anymore, it is the time to create kitchen utensil holder.

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