8 Stylish Bohemian Shower Curtain Ideas You Will Love

If you feel sick and tired of seeing a boring bathroom every single day, it’s time to make a change for your boring bathroom. Redecorating bathroom is not an expensive and it can be decorated in so many ways. You don’t need to makeover a whole bathroom. There is always an easy ways to make your bathroom look less boring than before. You can simply paint the wall, add some accessories, add a unique floor mat, or even change your shower curtain. Keep reading to see these 8 stylish bohemian shower curtain ideas as an instant ways to makeover you bathroom with a global-inspired or eclectic look that is trendy and chic below. Enjoy!

1. Blowing Feathers Shower Curtain


Let Bohemian take over your bathroom and make this colorful shower curtain take the spotlight in it. Its lovely colors would look absolutely beautiful in a neutral space, and the over-sized feather pattern is perfect to add interest and texture to your bathroom.

2. Sierra Shower Curtain


This lovely copper shower curtain is a great addition to your tropical-inspired bohemian bathroom. Boho look speaks about nature and how stunning it is like this beautiful curtain with nothing but beautiful, rich earth colors. Its elegant hues would take any bathroom designs a notch and its wave-like pattern and stripes are sure to add texture and punch to any space.

3. Aria Pom Pom Shower Curtain


This chic bohemian shower curtain adorned with black pompoms on top creating a great and fun contrast against its white base. This edgy accent will look wonderful in any bathroom interiors.

4. Ikat Bloom Shower Curtain


If you are looking for a bold punch in your bathroom, this ikat-inspired shower curtain is a great options for you. It has unique and playful patterns with charming soft colors that speak bohemian in every sense.

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5. Risa Shower Curtain


This shower curtain showcases an elegant eclectic look and exciting patterns and colors guaranteed to brighten and give that bohemian vibe to any bathroom space.

6. Hutcherson Shower Curtain


This white crisp curtain exudes sophistication that has cascading ruffle border that add the right amount of texture, style, and fun to any space. This would look great if you want to achieve a white-on-white space with a romantic hippie touch.

7. Vintage Crochet Shower Curtain


A beautiful vintage shower curtain with gorgeous crocheted hammock valance and soft tassels in different heights that create an instant bohemian-feel straight from the 70’s in your bathroom.

8. Tropical Paradise Shower Curtain


If you are not into adding real plants to your bathroom space, then this tropical-inspired shower curtain is the right fit for you.


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