A staircase is a vital part of home which connect two floors. It serves as a connecting path from one floor to another, usually to a bedroom or maybe a mezzanine. Staircase add a great design element that can transcend function, activate your living space and set the tone for the whole house. But aside from the functional purpose of a stairs, it also provides a powerful design element to the entire home. There are varieties of staircases and one has to be sure when choosing the kind of stairs to use because it is difficult and expensive to build one.

Check out these 8 unique and elegant modern staircase designs you will love below and of course to inspire you. Hopefully, these showcases will help you notice the differences between the design styles.

1. Modern Staircase


This elegant modern staircase designs become fond of modern staircases interior just like you see in the picture above.

2. Templewood Avenue


Look at the impact of the wall lights above. The aged-effect wood just looks so warm and smooth and the bannister is amazing too.

3. Chic and Simple Modern Staircase


Chic and simple, the natural wood, white panels and understated black metalwork just coexist beautifully here.

4. Monochrome Scheme


The monochrome scheme in the picture above works so well in an open-plan setting and ties the staircase into the wider aesthetic seamlessly.

5. Wood and Glass Staircase


Keep everything simple with wood and glass while a gorgeous statue adds a whole new dimension of organic and spiritual style.

6. Minimalist Staircase


This minimalist staircase is so clean it become the perfect finishing touch of the house! It just couldn’t be more contemporary!

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7. Glass Balustrade with Wooden Handrail Staircase


8. Small Staircase


This open-sided and super dark staircase is is perfect for an open studio home. We bet you could get some storage drawers in there too!

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