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Creative Window Decoration Ideas to Feel Like Holiday

Do you miss holiday? For the one who works hard every day, holiday is the best moment to do anythin…

Do you miss holiday? For the one who works hard every day, holiday is the best moment to do anything. Some of them take a nap, go to the zoo, swing at the sea, and more. However, the holiday still long. We need to wait it come. However, you can imitate the atmosphere through these creative ways;

Wreath in Window

Wreath In Window


Commonly people hang wreath on the door. However, why don’t you hang it on the window for special effect? Try it as this weekend project and see how your home feels like in a holiday time. Feel free to design the wreath as you like, better to use green plants.

Window Banner

Bring holiday magic every day into your home by creating this window banner. Make it likes Christmas tree or something else related to your favorite holiday. Moreover, you are allowed to make in Halloween ornament as well.

Christmas Ornament Display

Just imagine that tomorrow is Christmas Day. However, you can make this wonderful window decoration though not in Christmas Day. Since you want to make everyday like holiday, just create your home like in holiday,

Paper Star Window Decoration

Give a sophisticated sensation to the window with paper star. Moreover, this craft reminds us to the atmosphere of Christmas. You are free to choose the star color such as red, green, gold, white, or other colors as you need.

Hot Glue Window Clings

Do you like winter? Just imitate the season through a creative decoration. Use hot glue to draw snow picture at the window. Then, you will feel like in a winter time. This is a simple idea but dramatically change your house atmosphere.

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Tassel Garland

Well, Christmas is always become the most favorite holiday ever. Imitate the atmosphere of Christmas through tassel garland is great idea. It doesn’t real like Christmas but make you feel like holiday and get more calm sensation to get rest.

Doily Snowflakes

There is no snow out there, but you can make it. Create snows craft by using white paper and hang them on the ceiling. These crafts look great for your bedroom or living room. Be careful to not put them next to fire to avoid burning.

Christmas Card

Keep your Christmas card hanged at the window to remember the best moment of your life. When the Christmas is already gone, you still have them as memory. Those cards will remind you that you are the happiest person in the word.

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