8 Best Home Office Accessories To Give Your Space Actual Personality

There are benefits to working from home; reduced travel time, savings on gas and meals, or even the comfort of working in your pajamas. In fact, working from home can actually result in greater productivity, so it can sure help you achieve that elusive work-life balance. Working at home can get a distractions, though. But the most important one is how can you make your home office the most productive space it can be.

A generic working space can make your day seem even more monotonous than it already is, but there are solutions, and they won’t even cost you a ton of money. Help your space feel a little less basic with these 8 best home office accessories to give your space actual personality below.

1. Good Organization


Having a working space with a great organization system is a must. And this DIY organizer gives you a place for all your crap, so you have no excuse for your desk drowning in papers and pens every day and your table is always neat, of course.

2. Desk Calendar


This desk calendar is way more fun, and it’ll pretty up your working space.

3. Modest Mouse pad


Add a mouse pad just like in the picture above to make your working space look modest only by paint your ordinary mouse pad with gold spray paint. So easy, right?

4. Sweet Ceramics


Store your work stuff in chic, ceramic containers, but you can do even better with these ceramic print-outs. Just wrap them around your containers and add some color and pattern to your desk.

5. Pineapple Bulletin Board


With this cute pineapple bulletin board, you will never again miss a meeting, doctor appointment or even your family and friends’ birthday. And the bonus is that this cute pineapple will add a tropical vibe to your working space.

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6. Greenery


Add a simple and hard-to-kill greenery such as succulent to your space and give your succulent an adorable planter just like in the picture below.

7. Wrap


Wrap your chargers in varying shades of colored tape and the clutter instantly becomes cute.

8. Basket Organizer


Give your standard organizer a new look. Just spray paint your berry basket to make it insanely chic.

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