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Inspiring Stairs Color Ideas To Transform Home Decoration

Spending time to think wall color or painting kitchen backsplash will give you a chance to get beau…

Spending time to think wall color or painting kitchen backsplash will give you a chance to get beautiful home decoration. However, you have to remember one side of your house that will dramatically change the atmosphere. Merely, don’t miss to paint the stairs. With simple basic color application, you will transform the house into more eye-grabbing hue. Let’s see inspiring stairs color ideas further below;

Banister Coloring

Banister Color


Matched the color of banister with accent door of entryway create cohesive look. With bold color, the banister strongly shows its character.  However, you don’t need to paint the stairs at the same color. Feel free to let them natural or find another ornament.

Rainbow Stairs

Rather than uses glossy paint, this rainbow stairs apply the matte color. The stairs look more vintage and eye-grabbing. In addition, with rainbow color you will feel like walking up to the sky by stepping each color.

Split Stairs

When your walls already full of photo gallery and artwork, adding painted stairs will make the room crowded. Furthermore the stairs seem like oversize and broke the decoration. With a half white, the space looks larger than the real size.

Faux Runner

Paint the stairs effect from this painting style looks brilliant. You don’t need to clean the dust everyday with vacuum cleaner. Just sweep it regularly to keep the stairs clean. Moreover, you can run at the paint line like a real runner.

Peach Stairs

Peach color doesn’t rely on the season. The stairs will be available any time and look great for any home decoration as well. Further, peach will rise up your spirit. So, why don’t you apply this soft color for your stairs? Green wallpaper directly makes it prettier.

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Herringbone Pink

Pink shades bring these stairs into incredible style. This herringbone pattern looks great for a restaurant, boutique, or even hotel. So, it will be generous for our home as well. No need more budget. Just paintings and change the decor overall.

Geometric Painting

Geometric pattern of white and black triangular brings this stair into modern style. Though only use neutral color, this stairs looks chic, whimsical, and free-spirit sensation. Have a great experience walking at this geometric stairs.

Beach Inspired Stairs

Enjoy the time of walking stairs with this ombre stairs design. Furthermore, choosing blue color is great to remind us about the beach. This color also function to heal our feeling to be more excited going up with better soul.

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