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8 Table-Setting Ideas For Every Occasion to Inspire You

To avoid clutter, the general rule for a any table setting is to include no more than three utensil…

To avoid clutter, the general rule for a any table setting is to include no more than three utensils on either side of the dinner plate at a time. There are lots of ways to set a dinner table and the setup really depends on how fancy-schmancy you want to be. Unless you’re regularly entertaining the president or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you probably don’t use a full place setting for family meals during the week.

Whether it’s an average weeknight dinner or a festive holiday feast, you are going to need set your table. And no matter what the occasion is, you will find a tablescape on this list. Check out these 8 table-setting ideas for every occasion to inspire you below.

1. Jewel-Toned

Pick rich gemstone hues to balance out geometric elements; graphic black-and-white stripes are grounding against the bright colors.

2. Mix It Up

Try to mix up your table setting; patterned tablecloths, palm leaves as placemats, and rattan chargers for layers of texture and color.

3. Fall Feels

Transform your table setting after the weather turns by adding fiery blooms. Autumnal colors pop against a blue and white tablecloth.

4. Back To Nature

Bring in the outdoors to your table by pairing potted plants with fresh bouquets. It looks even more earthy against a wood table.

5. Pattern Play

Play a pattern;  Moroccan-style wallpaper inspired the patterned plates and textiles.

6. Tropical Punch

Add gilded pineapples and palm baubles on your table to add a tropical theme to it.

7. Industrial, But Still Formal

Swap kitchen chairs for colorful stools to give your dining space a cool, industrial vibe.

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8. America

A red, white, and blue color scheme set against a bold wallpaper in an opposing color to get the American look.

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