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8 Ingenious Ideas to Use Old Wooden Ladder

Old ladder can be so useful for home decoration. Moreover, it looks eye-grabbing and act as functio…

Old ladder can be so useful for home decoration. Moreover, it looks eye-grabbing and act as functional furniture. From wooden ladder, you can change it as storage, accessories, or other stuffs. The ladder adds a touch of vintage style and works great for farmhouse style.

Repurpose a Ladder into a Desk

Repurpose A Ladder Into A Desk


For more creative ways, you can repurpose a wooden ladder into a desk. Two old ladders are enough to make this simple furniture. Furthermore, you are please to paint the ladder to create more cheerful atmosphere. However, let it vintage is smart decision.

Hang Industrial Lighting

How about using ladder for hanging industrial lighting? It improves the room ceiling with a touch of classic style. Getting support from wooden ladder, the industrial lamps over there seems eye-grabbing and sophisticated.

Shelving Unit

If you feel hard to find a ladder like the picture, just make it by yourself at this weekend. By using pine planks, this ladder will help you to keep some books, magazines, or your family photos. Furthermore, save your plants too.

Using a Ladder as a Beam

Ladder nowadays in only functioned to climb, but for home accessories. Here, the using of wooden ladder as a beam looks brilliant. It divides two rooms and act to stronger the building. This is one of the vocal interests at this room.

Wooden Ladder for Planters

Using wooden ladder for arranging some pots vertically looks awesome for front yard decoration. Moreover, it creates vintage look with coloring into neutral color, even if you apply bright color as well. Just put the wooden ladder at the corner of your porch and enjoy the view.

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Hang Wire Baskets

Adding wire basket at each lines of the ladder, you can change it as storage right now. Easily, you just have to put it at the corner of your bathroom. Keep your towels, shampoo, soap, or other essential at the basket. Paint it with any color you like.

Adhere Some Family Photos

Keep you photos by adhering them on a wooden ladder.  This looks like a photo frame that looks simple but interesting. In addition, applying wooden ladder will neither cost much nor time consuming. Everybody can apply it at their home, no matter what their house style.

Open Concept Closet

This smart clothing storage directly attracts people eyes. With two wooden ladder and plain palette, you can use it for saving your cloth and other stuffs. It saves the space. Moreover, this way looks better than using cabinet, especially for small space.

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