10 Ways to Solve Your Small Space Problems

Small spaces don’t get the credit they deserve. They’re cozy, stylish, convenient, and low maintenance for most homeowners but their potential is often overlooked because of the common problems tight quarters can pose. We’ll help you make the most of your home’s small spaces, whether it’s a bedroom, closet, or bathroom. See what to say about the most common small-space issues with these 10 ways to solve it below.

1. Kids Bedroom


To solve the small kids’ bedroom, twin bed is the best solution. When it comes to a color, don’t stick to a traditional shades, color is much more gender-neutral nowadays. Also keep in mind that most kids are ultimately more concerned with real estate than they are aesthetics. Ensuring each child has his or her own zone, no matter the size of the room, is the key to happy roommates.

2. Cramped Hallway


Bring on the personality to the hallway, so they feel less stained and wasted. Add a mirror to reflect light, runners to elongate the area, and floor-to-ceiling gallery walls which are great spots to display family photos. Add a wallpaper (if it’s possible) because the color and pattern of it can give your halls energy and it will work as a unifying element between the adjoining rooms.

3. Small Living Room with Plenty Seating


If you want to add more seating to your small living room, choose a sofa with a bench or three-seat cushion, but avoid large roll-arm styles. Look to poufs or ottomans that can either nest under a coffee table or serve as the coffee table themselves.

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4. Maximize Your Bathroom Storage


Go vertical to store your bathroom supply. Shallow shelves outfitted with a few baskets can accommodate most bath items and minimize clutter. Save cabinets for unsightly necessities, such as hair dryers or contact solution. Transparent glass shelves are handy and can also capture storage above a toilet without weighing a room down.

5. Bedroom with Bedside Table


In a small bedroom space, a wall-mounted sconce is a must. Pull up a garden stool which has a smaller footprint than a standard nightstand.

6. Space for Toys


There are many options that are durable and chic to keep the kids toy even if you don’t have a playroom for them. Just stockpile an abundance of one pretty basket style because no matter what clutter and chaos is lurking in them, the uniformity will be pleasing to the eye.

7. Carved Out Space for Guests


Sleeper sofas have come a long way, find them with wooden bases, memory foam mattresses, and \gel toppers. Pair one with a trunk or storage ottoman where you can stash towels and bed linens and suddenly you have a ‘guest room’ that looks a lot like a living room. Another guest multitasker is the daybed.

8. Kitchen Counter Space


Try to add a built-in cabinetry to your kitchen space. But if it’s too expensive for you, add a vintage hutch or cabinet for a more budget-friendly way.

9. Make a Room for Home Office


If you do need a work space, make it with a simple way. Add a shelves in the corner of your space and add chair and now you have your simple work space just like in the picture above.

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10. Compensate Tiny Closet


Give your closet door a huggable hanger to keep your clothing, rows of hooks and rods for your purses, shoes, jewelry, and even a winter coats.


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