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9 Creative Table Top Garden Ideas That Affordable To Copy

Table top gardens are eco-friendly. No need much money nor spending long time to create this amazin…

Table top gardens are eco-friendly. No need much money nor spending long time to create this amazing tiny garden for your home decoration. What you need to prepare is landscape such as bowl, jars, or log to plant. Moreover, the herbs you plant will fresh the rooms air and add a touch of natural beauty. Here are some remarkable table top garden ideas that affordable to copy soon;

Canoe Pot

Canoe Pot


This is a cool garden table project that affordable to create soon. Feel free to plant green leaves edged in red, Kalanchoe thyrsifolia, and  Senecio vitalis with crassulas. Further, those plants are low maintenance.

Garden in a Jar

Take this as your weekend project! You only need a jar that already washed. Put some white pebbles and soils along with fertilizer. After that, plant any plant you like whether it will be herbs, succulent, cactus and more.

Simple Table Top Garden

Prepare a medium bowl made from woven bamboo. Pour some soils and fertilizer. Then, plat the herbs you want. Make sure to give it water periodically. Moreover, it looks good to be placed indoor or outdoor.

Cake Pan for Herb

Herbs and succulent in one rusty cake pan looks cute for a table top garden. Put it at your living room or any space needed. The shapes, heights, and textures definitely add a touch of natural beauty for your house.

Winter Tabletop Garden

When you miss spring at winter, the idea of having garden table may look perfect. With a saucer added by some soils, tiny plants, rocks, and seashells you can create gorgeous garden table. Pay attention to put them next to the window to get enough sunlight.

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Mini Water Garden

Have mini garden water looks fresh for a room. You need to prepare glass container or any other media as you like. Choose water plants such as water lettuce, taro, water hyacinth, duck weed, or fairy moss.

Living Centerpiece

Use water-vulnerable surface just like wood, metal, or glass. Plant the flowers, succulents, or other herbs you like. Add a touch of green grass to create the best looking centerpiece on the table.

Log Arrangement

By simple log wood, you can create amazing table top garden just like the picture. You need to cut a part of the log to put soil. Add a little water and plant the succulents. Let the succulent grow and give you a fresh view on the table.

Miniature Garden

Use cookie jars for make this miniature garden or other landscape such as fish bowl and vase. Put soils, pebbles, fertilizers, and seashell to improve the look. Hereafter, plant the herbs you want.

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