Day: December 19, 2018

10 Fabulous Garden Path and Walkway Ideas to Add Beauty and Whimsy to Your Outdoor Space

Garden and Outdoor • One Comment

Garden path and walkway ought to be a safe location for your family members and guests to walk, so …
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10 DIY Garden Lantern Ideas to Add More Extra Lights in Your Outdoor Space

Garden and Outdoor • 3 Comments

Occasionally it can be downright tough to acquire your smart light to work properly! Garden lights …
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10 Quick, Creative and Functional Ways to Use Cinder Blocks

Home Decoration • 76 Comments

Stagger the blocks in each row so the joints in consecutive rows aren’t aligned. It’s p…
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10 Porch Planter Ideas that Will Give your Exterior a Unique Look

Garden and Outdoor • 2 Comments

Kinds of Outdoor Lighting There are many types of outdoor lighting. Solar lighting has developed to a place where it is now comparable in...
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