8 Eye-Catching Rooms with Geometric Wallpaper to Inspire You

By | January 20, 2019
8 Eye Catching Rooms With Geometric Wallpaper To Inspire You

Designing a room with geometric wallpaper still becomes popular trend nowadays. The patterns dramatically add a touch of modern room design. Whether you want to opt for small or bold statement wall, this geometric wallpaper keeps the rooms delightful.

Even, you don’t need to have certain ability to decor your house with it. Just pay attention to choose the best geometric pattern that suitable for your room character. Take a look at the geometric wallpapers below for further inspiration;

Curate a Creative

Adding geometric wallpaper for home office rises up your spirit. Enjoy your time in front of computer, signings some papers, or editing proposals. Just make sure to mix and matched the wallpaper color with furniture. Have a great work!

Room Statement

The room looks sophisticated with geometric wallpaper. It tells you that the small area around it functions as home office. Furthermore, adding some vibes will improve the design.

Stick-On Triangles

The sticker in triangle shape with different color will directly change the walls appearance. Though this is not wallpaper, it gives the same touch. Moreover, the walls look unique and eye-grabbing. Even, you can change the walls color as well.

Spice Up a Small Bathroom

Applying geometric wallpaper will improve small bathroom design. Moreover, the room looks more eye-catching and larger. Give more light to show the character of your bathroom. A mirror hang on the wall add a sense of harmony.

Neutral Print

For larger room such as living room, you need to apply neutral print wallpaper. The role of striking patterns is to avoid overtaking design, but add visual interest. This neutral print wallpaper actually works great any room design.

Beautiful Black Bedroom

Triangular bedspread attracts your eyes any times you see it. Moreover, black wall with golden triangle stickers give amazing combination. Those stickers look like a star that shiny in the sky. What an incredible bedroom decoration for you!

Define an Entryway

Rather than seeing white walls that look monotonous, it will be better to add geometric wallpaper. It will change the entryway view. Let the room show its character. In addition, you don’t need to spend much budget to create amazing entryway design.

Create a Light and Breezy Kitchen

The kitchen uses furniture made of organic materials. The role of geometric wallpaper here will stronger its character. Wooden table and chair come to ask you remember natural beauty. Further, industrial lamp adds a touch of vintage sensation.


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