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8 Excellent Ways to Mix Pattern on Your Decor

Designing room with pattern needs more time to think. If you make a mistake, the room will dramatic…

Designing room with pattern needs more time to think. If you make a mistake, the room will dramatically worse. Moreover, it can be clutter or messy. You should upgrade room decor knowledge to mix and matched the pattern.

Whether wallpaper, rug, or even ceiling. They have to be mixed brilliantly for better room decoration. However, you have to know the basic rules of combining some pattern. Here are smart ways to combine pattern ideas to improve room decoration;

Combine Two Bold Patterns

Mandarin orange with pattern for wallpaper gives more than you wish. Indigo blue pattern rug also add a touch of fresh view. Then, those two patterns work together creating enchanting room without disturb each others.

Patterns Bursting With Texture and Color

Look at the attractive pink geometric rug which makes you more cheerful. Then, let the curtain with abstract design to eliminate crowded pattern. The last, beautiful pillows with pink pompoms look cute for this living room decoration.

Oversized Pattern Rug

Oversized rug pattern cover most of this living room floor. Then, some pillows at the sofa also provided at different small pattern and color. When you see the rattan chairs, shibori tie-dyed cushions are eye-grabbing as well.

Pair Bold Wallpaper with a Simple Rug

Tribal style wool rug in black and white work with American Native wallpaper pattern to create harmony. For those who love basic colors, this pattern and color combination will attract them. Then, Let the chair and table in rustic style is great decision.

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Layer Patterned Rugs

The room looks simple and rustic with neutral color. However, something new comes from the layer patterned rugs on the floor. Overall, different jaunty pattern looks similar though they are at different rug style.

Sticking to a Specific Pattern Style

This boho style living room can be one of your inspirations to mix and matched pattern. Take a look at the pillows with slight variations. Moreover, the rug also takes a part with simple pattern that looks in line with other patterns.

Eastern Vibrant Pattern

These patterns are in various styles. However, pale blue walls make them in great combination. The armchairs, sofa, pillows, or even hanging wall accessories are in different pattern. Eventually, they are in perfect harmony.

Unified Look

The sofa, ceramic garden stool, decorative pillows, and fireplace tiles are in different pattern. Nevertheless, they are show at blue color shades. So, the result looks amazing and attractive.

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