10 Backyard Reading Retreat Ideas

Retreat for a while and enjoy the silence in a shady place by reading your favorite book is a pleasure thing to do. Quiet moment and the fresh air are absolutely needed to create a nice atmosphere in the place. Actually, this idea is simple and affordable to make. You can utilize the backyard become reading retreat place. It can be a sort of a tree house, swing, gazebo, and so on. For sure, the important thing to consider is the comfort. In this post, we’ve prepared some picture that may give you some ideas on creating a reading retreat. Let’s check it out!

  1. Amazing Space in the Backyard

Source : Pinterest

A combination of modern and natural looks amazing in this design. Surely, it can be seen from the wooden as the main material in the construction and the trees around.

  1. Tree House Idea

Source : Pinterest

The tree house is also interesting to be a nice reading retreat in the backyard. Moreover, if you install some lights to illuminate it so you can stay there both during the day and at evening.

  1. Playhouse Idea

Source : Pinterest
Source : Pinterest

Usually, toddler will enjoy their playing or reading time in the day. In this idea, a cute play house in the backyard has two functions for reading and playing as well.

  1. Mini Cottage with a Wooden Ladder

Source : Pinterest

Classic design of a mini cottage that made of wood is also unique and appealing to have. Take your time and enjoy the calmness inside. Nice, huh!

  1. Shed Idea

Source : Pinterest

The next idea is shed to be a comfortable reading retreat place. Just place some potted plants and wooden armchairs around the shed to embellish the shed to be a more beautiful place.

  1. Arbor and Trellises

Source : Pinterest

In addition to reading retreats in the shape of tiny houses, arbor and trellises are also a nice idea to create in the backyard. The shape is simple and very easy to make.

  1. Gazebo and Fish Pond

Source : Pinterest

Feeling close to nature with the sound of flowing water and the existence of some fishes in the pond will influence a good mood for you. In this case, a gazebo will be the right part of this idea.

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8. Retreat Time in the Garden

Source : Pinterest

A beautiful garden with many blooms around is good to soothe your mind. A small place or a comfy armchairs are enough for this idea.

9.  Corner bench in the backyard

Source : Pinterest

If you have a small backyard, it doesn’t matter to create a nice reading retreat place. A wooden bench and table is enough to provide you a pleasant place to enjoy the silence.

10.  Shady Area Under the Tree

Source : Pinterest

A big tree will supply some fresh air during the day. It’s best area to have a shady place as a reading retreat in the backyard.

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