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8 Unique Night Lights For Kid’s Room Ideas To Make Your Children Feel Happy

Kid’s room is full of miracle. So, give your child anything related to unique, cute, and attractive…

Kid’s room is full of miracle. So, give your child anything related to unique, cute, and attractive accents, including for nightlight. Cute lamp shape makes them happy. It deals with the quality of child sleeping. See these following night lights for kid’s room ideas below;

Wooden Flying Saucer Nightlight

Wooden Flying Saucer Nightlight


Pretend that you have a little alien that come from outside earth. It lives in an UFO at one side of your wall. This lamp made from wood but totally looks elegant even for modern kid’s room decoration.

Faceted Dinosaur Night Light

If your child loves to see Jurassic park, this lamp can remind us that film. No need to scare, because this lamp looks so cute. It can be put anywhere at the bedroom, but better at the side table.

Porcelain Unicorn Night Light

This unique night light can be used for any kid’s room design. With white porcelain, the light keeps the room bright all night. However, it will not disturb kids sleep.

Dolphin Night Light

Imagine how your child expression seeing this unique and cute lamp at his bedroom. Even, it can change its color when touched. This is not only to make the kid’s room brighter but looks cute. Just buy this lamp soon and give surprise to your child.

Gold Giraffe Night Light

This gold giraffe night light looks amazing for boys or girls room. With its gold light, your child will feel like in luxurious room. The giraffe pattern makes them enjoy if they love animals.

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Orange Fox Night Light

How about this adorable orange fox night light for your kid’s room? The light makes your kid feel warmer. Even, the shape looks like kid’s favorite animal. Let the kid’s room glows and keep bright along the night.

Happy Moon Night Light

This super cute happy moon night light can be one of the options to give accent for your kid’s room. The shape looks great for children room. Further, it can give more bright if your child scares of dark.

Metal Star Night Light

This little star may remind your kid about the song of “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star”. Applying this lamp for kid’s room is a good decision to tell the kid about sleeping time.

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