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8 Wall Decor Inspirations To Copy With Minimum Budget

Sometimes empty wall triggers empty feeling as well. So, you need to something to upgrade your wall…

Sometimes empty wall triggers empty feeling as well. So, you need to something to upgrade your wall decoration. Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend more money here, but a little bit creativity. Take a look from these some inspiration for what to do with your walls;

Hang Potted Wall Plants

Hang Potted Wall Plants


Don’t let your wall be empty when it can be filled with some hang potted wall plants. For all of you who love green plants, this idea sounds interesting. Get more fresh air, wonderful view, and new wall decor that will make you feel comfort at your own home.

Fashion a Flashy Wall Hanging

Flashy wall hanging can be the option for wall decor to make it more interesting. This flashy wall hanging gives more texture that look awesome. Then, you can add some accents just like green plants to make it more attractive.

Hang Up Your Faves

Make your wall looked more stylish by hanging your faves such as guitars, violins, or other similar stuffs. Further, the wall decor can act as storage as well. Get more aesthetic value through this simple idea without need more budgets.

Hang Up Your Hats

Rather than trying to make new storage to keep your hats, it will be better to hang them on the wall. Simply, it just needs simple creativity to hang hats to give artistic value. This idea helps you to save the space while as wall decor as well.

Show Off Your Books

This idea may work for any room. You can create this cabinet at bedroom or other rooms as you need. There are not only books but please keep other stuffs like bottles, flower vase, clock or other things that you want to save.

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Paint the Wall

Make a new statement on your wall with motifs that will improve your wall decor. You just need a paint pens to create this amazing wall design. Draw any pattern as you like. Then, you can see how your wall looks like.

Dried Flower for Wall Decor

Let see how your wall decor will be if you hang beautiful dried flower there. So, don’t under estimate dried flower when it can change your wall decor instantly.

String Lights for Wall

With some string lights hang on the wall with some photos, your wall look magic. Moreover, you can see your favorite moment every day. Create this wall decor by yourself and bring more magic in your room.

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