8 Creative Ways to Decorate With Mirror for Any Room

Mirror is not only used to reflect someone’s face anymore. In this new era, mirror functions as room decoration as well. They are provided into some models that can be used for room decoration. Overall, mirror makes a great statement to improve your interior design.

Moon-Shaped Mirror

Moon Shaped Mirror

Moon-shaped mirror add unique things on your room. Here, the owner of this house put the mirror over side table. By this mirror decoration, the room looks different and stunning.

Gorgeous Circle

Gorgerous Circle

There are various mantel decor from many sources. However, add a touch of circle mirror looks fantastic. This simple accent dramatically changes the room decoration. The mirror comes with its unique shape that looks attractive.

Double Up on Mirror

Double Up On Mirror

Fill up your room with double up mirror for your wall decoration. These two mirrors create new atmosphere that will beautify your room. Moreover, this decoration looks great for any room beside bedroom.

Fanciful Red Vanity

Fanciful Red Vanity

Bright red color gives new sensation for your bedroom decoration. It makes the room look cheerful and fresh. Furthermore, fanciful red vanity helps you save your make up and other small things on the right path.

Sunburst Mirror for Decoration

Sunburst Mirror For Decoration

Sunburst mirror can be put on many spaces just like above doorway, dining nook, bedroom, even at powder room. The design looks like the sun that will make the room appear more attractive. It’s classic and simple.

Mirror for Headboard

Mirror For Headboard

Create new accent for your bedroom with mirrors for headboard. Don’t be afraid that the mirrors will be broken because you have to put pillows before them. This design actually looks unique and gives more effect toward your bedroom decoration.

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Function as Shelf

Function As Shelf

With rectangular frame, this mirror offers you other advantage. You can use the sucker as shelf to put green plant or other tiny things. After that, put this mirror at your vanity room or near window. Let your room be fresh and astounding.

Circular Gallery

Circular Galery

This mini gallery consists of some circular mirrors with different size. Each of them reflect different thing that looks eye-grabbing. Furthermore, the wall pattern adds the artistic value of this wall decor.


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