10 Living Room Design Ideas on Minimalist Homes That You Can Try Now

When decorating a living room in a minimalist home, you should ascertain the aim of the living room. The living room is among the main rooms in any home. Having a minimalist home doesn’t mean you can’t get a coziness living room design. With the right decoration, you can make it.

But before you are decorating your living room in your minimalist home, you have to know about some essential aspects. From the color scheme, furniture arrangement to the furniture design. There are invariably quite a few room color schemes for the minimalist home. Hence it is highly advisable to pick the living room colors accordingly. You can use a bright and neutral color to strengthen the minimalist style. You may not understand how to paint, but you’re still able to select the best living room color combinations, to produce that singing effect.

Showing off a comfortable sofa equipped with a coffee table can make your living room look perfect. White lighting and floor lamps make your minimalist living room neater and spacious.

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Choosing white shades has become important for your minimalist living room. By choosing a soft sofa and combined with a complete coffee table makes your living room look comfortable and spacious.

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This minimalist living room has a soft feel combined with a soft sofa with ottoman and a fireplace that can make your living room look warm and comfortable.

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This minimalist living room features beautiful lighting from these beautiful ceiling and wall lamps. Then, shades of ash complete with sofas and other furniture will make your living room look dramatic.

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Concrete walls and white shades create a peaceful atmosphere in this minimalist guest house. The decorating splashes of floor lamps, fireplaces, carpets and other ornaments add drama to relaxation.
The bright colors of this minimalist living room lift the room with a sense of sophistication and tranquility. Gray walls, fireplaces and floor lamps will complement the room’s decor.
The minimalist living room has the right lighting on the ceiling. Some chairs complete with coffee tables provide a perfect and elegant look.
The minimalist living room uses classic table lamps, fireplaces and white shades to enhance the design of this living room.
Shades of gray and wooden floors will complement your minimalist living room decor. Lighting that appears right in the large window will save electricity during the day.

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White shades, floor lamp lighting and hanging lamps give energy to a minimalist living room. Wooden floors and carpets will provide comfort for your feet.

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For the furniture arrangement, don’t place a lot of furniture in your living room. If doing a mistake, it can make your living room looks cramped. To avoid this problem, just place a sofa and a table. For the extra seating area, you can place a chair, an ottoman, or a bean bag. When choosing the furniture, better for you to choose multifunctional furniture.

Placing an item that can be used as the focal interest in the living room also recommended in your minimalist home. Make your minimalist home more stand out with this item. For example, you can install a fireplace in your living room. Besides being able to bring a warm impression, it is also can make your living room on a minimalist home more inviting. If you want to freshen up your living room, place some indoor plants or a flower vase on the coffee table.

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The important thing when decorating a living room in a minimalist home is about simplicity and functionality. Hopefully, those ideas above will give some insight to you to make your living room on a minimalist home more interesting and beautiful. Have a nice to try.


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