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8 Amazing Kitchen Utensil Holder Ideas to Get More Space

Though kitchen tends to looked as messy area, but you can make it more organized. Of course, you ne…

Though kitchen tends to looked as messy area, but you can make it more organized. Of course, you need more storage to hold all your kitchen utensils. When your cabinet cannot afford your utensils anymore, it is the time to create kitchen utensil holder.

Wire Utensil Rack

Wire Utensil Rack


Keep your utensil at this wire utensils rack that is easy to make. Just look for a wire mesh with any size as you need and don’t forget to clean it up first. Feel free to paint it or not. Then, add S hooks to hang your utensils.

Colorful Mason Jars

Mason jar may become the most favorite things that can be repurposed for many home accessories. Here, you can use it for holding your utensils. Just paint the Mason jar with any colors as you like. It can be blue, green, orange, red, or others to boost your mood at kitchen as well.

Crafty Door Organizer

When you have old door at your wire house, take it right now. Paint with any color as you like. This storage need not large space but gives you wonderful vibe. Just add some hooks or nails to hang your spatula, pans, or other stuffs.

Vertical Kitchen Storage

Add more accents to your kitchen that functions as storage as well. This vertical kitchen storage makes your kitchen look more organized well. Further, you may add some plants to get clean and fresh air as well as beautiful view.

Upcycled Thrift Store Vases

What are you waiting for? Just find out vases with any size as you need. Then, create a stunning stripe effect to add pop of colors to your kitchen. Let this element gives more vibe to your kitchen and boost your mood.

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Pots And Pans Pegboard

If you have more pans and other utensils, create more storage is a must. Here, using a pegboard as kitchen utensils organizing is great idea. No need more steps, just hang the pegboard on the wall and you already have a functional storage.

Hanging Ladder Pot Rack

Old ladder can be used as storage that will add vintage tone toward your kitchen decoration. Paint it with your favorite color or choose the color as your kitchen theme to make it looked cohesive. Then, hang it on the ceiling.

Lego Blocks Storage

Let’s have a fun project with your kids this week to make this Lego blocks storage. It will add unique accent for your kitchen and functional to keep some utensils. Put on your spoons, knives or other tiny stuffs at this simple Lego blocks.

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