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How To Add Farmhouse Tone Toward Modern Living Room Decoration

Modern living room decoration deals with the existence of modern furniture. However, when you add f…

Modern living room decoration deals with the existence of modern furniture. However, when you add farmhouse elements, the room atmosphere may change instantly. If you love farmhouse style as much as modern furniture, you may create modern farmhouse living room then. That is how you combine farmhouse elements with modern decoration.

Modern Farmhouse Seattle

Modern Farmhouse Seattle


With some modern chairs in black and grey color, this living room tends to show recent trend design. When you look further at the table, you will see strong farmhouse feel directly. Further, the rug with natural color also tells more about farmhouse style.

Rustic Modern Farmhouse

This open concept living room looks larger with Bi-folding glass door application. Furthermore, the existence of wooden wall around the fireplace indicates farmhouse feeling more. Wooden side table is there to show farmhouse tone as well.

Living Room With Stone Fire Place

Though this living room applies some modern furniture, but the color of wall and the floor tell more about farmhouse theme. Then, look at the ceiling with beams that shows how country house uses this style as well.

Hamptons Modern Farmhouse

The owner of this house uses modern chair with geometric pattern. However, you can see clearly that one side wall consist of wood. So, there is a combination of farmhouse style with modern touch at this living room design.

French-Inspired Living Room

Large and tall windows indicate French style. This living room consists of modern furniture as well like the table, lamps, and chairs. Further, you still find wooden floors and ceilings that looked like farmhouse living room decoration.

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Old Westmoor Farm

When you see the whole design, this living room appears in modern design. Let us find out how the owner of this house uses pale oak walls and white shiplap ceiling that make this room looked elegant. Further, you will recognize that there is rustic beam that show farmhouse tone at this room decor.

Modern But Classic

So, modern or classic? Don’t think too hard, because this living room has those styles. The classic tone can be found from the use of brick walls and arc windows. Then, you will catch modern touch from the sofa and geometric table.

White Living Room

With modern seating, open shelves, and wonderful light fixture, you will directly note that those are modern furniture. However, if you see the beams that uses wood log, you will see how farmhouse tone improves this living room decoration instantly.

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