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8 Inspiring Bohemian Balcony Designs That So Appealing

Balcony is a little space which is not easy to design. Give it furniture that is not suitable may c…

Balcony is a little space which is not easy to design. Give it furniture that is not suitable may create busy look. However, let it be empty is not a god decision regarding we are often spend more time at morning or evening at this place.

So, apply bohemian design for balcony gives us a hope to have more interesting balcony appearance. See these following inspiring designs;

Gravity Home Balcony Decor

Bohemian balcony decor seen from the role of pillows and throws that make this place look warmer. Moreover, the tea candles light and pots of lavender give more than just romantic elements. Further, the bulb will shiny at night and add more relaxing feeling.

Glorious With Plants

Hammock chair at the nook with some green plants and flowers in front of it shows how bohemian looks awesome even for a balcony. Take a look at the chandelier at the floor with grey carpet that appears sophisticated.

Balcony for Morning Coffee

Enjoy your time for breakfast by having this balcony decor with sophisticated vibe. Take a look at the faux fur throw and storage bench that makes this balcony appear so inviting. Further, bohemian rug comes to fill the space.

Balcony with Rustic Beauty

This balcony is design by using old crates that shows classic tone. Furthermore, wicker basket that acts as plant holders has its own interest. The rest, throw pillows with pattern also indicate bohemian style balcony decoration.

Modern Mediterranean Balcony

For all of you who want to apply more intimate balcony decoration, you may copy this style. With curtains and bohemian tapestry this balcony even looks more like a place for vacation. Let natural sunlight accompany your morning to feel calm and fresh.

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Exotic Balcony Design

Attach more cohesive look by applying ottoman which has the same color with throw pillow on the bench. Then, pay attention to the fabric with lovely bohemian pattern that cover the bench. Overall, this balcony design is inviting.

Alexander Nadan Balcony Design

Get this sweet balcony design that will make your day more fun. See the wonderful arrangement of hanging lanterns and some candles for lighting that look eye-catching. Then, different colors and patterns from faux fur throw and throw pillows add interesting elements of this design.

Romantic Bohemian Balcony

Have a great wonderful night with your spouse at this romantic bohemian balcony design. The string lights that hanged on the railing give you a beautiful view. This balcony is given blue and white furniture that real bohemian.

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