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8 Amazing Dog-Friendly Interior Designs For Pet Lovers

Are you a dog lover? So, you need to build a house for it then. When you don’t want to build a hous…

Are you a dog lover? So, you need to build a house for it then. When you don’t want to build a house dog outside, you may use any room. It can be living room, dining room, or even your bedroom. Make sure the design will not make your dog gets languish.

Dog Play In Your Living Room

Dog Play In Your Living Room


Creating dog’s room inside living room actually looks awesome. The owner of this house can see the dogs play around happily. Further, this area also fills the empty space that becomes functional and sophisticated.

Built-In Recessed Dog Bed

Matches your interior with built-in recessed dog bed is great idea to save your pet. This design perfectly shows that you are a dog lover that gives it the best place ever. It will enjoy the sensation of sleeping under window with fresh air.

Dog House Under The Staircase

Fill the space under your staircase with more functional element. Here, you can see a dog house built cohesively under the staircase with iron handrails. The dog will save and the house design is simple but looked eye-catching.

Spa-Like Dog Wash In Your Laundry Room

Let your dog enjoy the time of bathing under at your laundry room. Even, it will accompany you till you finish washing. Laundry room is the place for it to get sauna without spending more money anymore. Then, it will love this place more than others.

Built-In Inset Nook For Dog

Create a dog resting spot at your dining room may have become one of the options to save your dog well. Use one of your nooks to built dog house just between the drawers inside your simple cabinet. Add pillows and tiny bed.

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Comfortable Dog Houses

How about building a dog house at your home office? This idea will let you enjoy your time of working while be accompanied by your lovely pet. It will sleep well at a comfortable place in medium size. Enjoy your time seeing your dog rest well after doing your project.

Shabby-Chic Bedroom With Dog

Design your bedroom in shabby-chic bedrooms style along with a place for dog to rest. Give one side of your bedroom as the spot for your dog to take a rest comfort. This bedroom design even seems chic, stylish, and fun.

Sneaky Built-In Dog Crate

Take a look at this kitchen island that so appealing with charming chairs and unique lighting. Furthermore, you can see a sneaky built-in dog crate just under the countertop. It seems like your dog is hiding at this kitchen island.

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