Day: March 22, 2019

Interior Design

8 Bold Black Kitchen Trends That Everyone Wants To Copy

Black kitchen recently appear as most favorite color that shows by many designers. They tend to use black for any kitchen design, whether traditional, farmhouse, industrial, even for modern house style. Black let us to have elegant kitchen look that no need expensive furniture. Furthermore, it will blend with any kitchen theme decoration. Check out more ideas below;

Garden and Exterior

8 Creative Garden Arts That Will Upgrade Your Outdoor Garden Decor

Even a garden needs art to upgrade its decoration. It will make your outdoor appears awesome. If you adore cheap garden accessories with wonderful result, create it by yourself. There are various old things that can be used to create garden art such as old tires, wood, stones, old buckets, and many more. See these following ideas to inspire you;


8 Ideas Of Fantastic Furniture From Old Musical Instruments

Furniture that made from repurposed musical instrument looked as unique elements. They are not only functional but also aesthetic. You may get old musical instrument from garage sale and change them as fantastic furniture or accessories. However, you need to be more creative. See these following ideas of fantastic furniture from old musical instruments that may inspire you.