8 Creative Garden Arts That Will Upgrade Your Outdoor Garden Decor

By | March 22, 2019
8 Creative Garden Arts That Will Upgrade Your Outdoor Garden Decor

Even a garden needs art to upgrade its decoration. It will make your outdoor appears awesome. If you adore cheap garden accessories with wonderful result, create it by yourself. There are various old things that can be used to create garden art such as old tires, wood, stones, old buckets, and many more. See these following ideas to inspire you;

Whimsical Pinwheels

They are not real flower, just fake flower that can be made by you easily. You need to collect some cans that cut into some petal pieces. Then, use hot glue to attach them with a stick. After all, put on your garden. Just like plant a real flower.

Wooden Basket Planter

Make sure you have advance carpentry skill to create this amazing wooden basket planter. Hang this at one of your trees. This will make statement to your garden design.

DIY Mushroom Stools

You need to have big bucket to have this wonderful mushroom stools. Make sure that it is strong enough for you to sit. Paint with pop color, just like mushroom. Enjoy creating this project with your kids this week.

Rock Caterpillar

This fun craft may look interesting to be done with your kids this weekend. They will love to paint the rocks with any colors. No need to spend more money.

Stone Birdhouse

There are some birds fly around your garden, but they don’t have any place to rest well. You may create a house for them. Prepare sturdy wood birdhouse as the base and attach stones with the right adhesive. This project will not take much time.

Donkey Tire Art

Can you imagine how your garden will be with this unique planter? This super creative garden art element made form old tire. With a touch of creativity, this donkey tire art dramatically add more statement at this garden look.

Teacup Tire Art

Old tire can be used for wonderful garden art. Here is again old tire repurpose that looks awesome for your outdoor view, teacup tire art with pink and white color. You may use it as planter to grow flowers, herbs, or even trees.

Cute Ladybugs

To create these cute ladybugs, you need some retired bowling balls. Ask your children to help you paint them one by one with bright colors such as yellow, orange, or red. After all, put them anywhere on your garden as you like.



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