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9 Modern Wall Clock Designs That Will Improve Your Wall Decor

Wall clock may create great statement towards your room decoration. The designer already created va…

Wall clock may create great statement towards your room decoration. The designer already created various modern wall clock designs that will be fit to you who live in town. However, you need to consider how your house style. Which modern clock design that will be fit to your decoration.

3D Wall Clock

3D Wall Clock


White and pink make your room appear soft and calm. Applying this 3D wall clock will not make your room appears to busy. The simple design and color combination allows you to combine this wall clock with your room decoration easily.

Bubble Clock

Bubble clock comes with its unique design. Improve your room into modern look with bubble clock will not cost much. There are some colors that can be chosen to look cohesive with your room decor.

Outnumbered IV Modern

With variety of number written, this wall clock will dramatically attract people attention. The blue color also looked warn for any home decoration. Further, it rectangular shape makes the room appear modern and chic.

Ultra Modern Stylish

Let see how your room will be with this inviting wall clock design! Cut out numbers in a circle wall clock may look as fresh design and will be fit to any room decoration.

Attractive Big Numbers Typography

Let your wall looked more attractive by applying this big numbers typography wall clock. With its round shape and eye-catching color combination of red, white, and black, this wall clock will become one of your room focal interests.

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Teardrop Clock Raspberry

Be more stylish with this teardrop clock raspberry. The colorful appearance with tear shape reminds you how important your time is. Put at your home office or anywhere as you like.

Sweep V Modern

The designer of this clock chooses curve as the shape with green color. It looked fresh and bright at white wall. Furthermore, this clock looks unique to be placed at your living room or office.

Colorful Typography Clock

There are various sizes and colors of this colorful typography wall clock. Then, put this accessory at your kid’s room to tell them about the time for sleeping, learning, or anything. They will love the design and color.

Abstract Modern Clock

If you are an abstract lover, this wall clock design may look interesting. Moreover, with black and white color, this clock can be placed anywhere at your house.

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