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How To Add Rainbow For Your Room That Will Boost Your Mood

Everybody knows that colors have a big influence towards someone’s feeling. Even scientists have proven it. So, add more colors at your room will boost your mood and lead you to be more creative. Rainbow will blend with any room decor without make it looks crowded. See these following ways to add rainbow for your room below;

Rainbow Color For Bedroom

Rainbow Color For Bedroom


Kids love colors. Applying rainbow color will make theirs room looks cheerful. Furthermore, it will make them feel happier. Just paint your window shelter with rainbow color to upgrade their bedroom decoration.

Rainbow At Living Room

If you already use bold color for your chair or sofa, it is no problem to add more colors. Like this living room which uses rainbow rug. The room appears friendlier and will not make it too busy even with rainbow color application.

Dining Room With Rainbow

Give different sensation for your dining room with rainbow. Apply more colorful chandeliers with rainbow color. It makes your family feel closer each other and get warmer atmosphere. However, let your wall in white to avoid too busy room decor.

Rainbow Striped Wall

This room looks more sophisticated with rainbow striped color wall. This design works well for you who have modern house style. Add more lights that will show how wonderful this room with rainbow wall color.

Rainbow Shelves

If you have your won library, applying rainbow color for it is great choice. Rainbow color will boost your mood and trigger your creative thinking. Just see this home library with rainbow that will make you feel better.

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Kid’s Room With Rainbow

It doesn’t matter to apply rainbow for your boys as well. Let him feel cozier with more color at his room. Rainbow color on the wall till ceiling looks attractive and blends with your kid’s room decoration. Let he gets his good mood again through a pleasant room decor.

Brighter Living Room

This artistic living room comes with rainbow that spread out at its furniture. You can see purple sofa, yellow chair, green wall, red pillows, and other rainbow colors at this room. Overall, this room shows rainbow in different way.

Rainbow Nook

What will you do at this cozy nook? Reading a book, listening to the music, or just seeing the view outside will be more fun with more colors. See the rainbow wall with gallery that looks more attractive, it simple but has statement.

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