April 2019


Beach becomes one of the most favorite places to spend summer. When you miss the situation of beach, you can bring some of its element as your living room decor. The easiest way to have beachy living room is by adopting the colors such as white, silver, and blue. However, you can try other ways as follows; Miami Tropical Living Room The designer of this house tries to combine traditional and modern design at this living room. Further, the beachy atmosphere can be seen from the replica of ship over the fire pit. In contrast, modern touch got from the windows. Palm Beach Apartment Seaside colors that applied at this room can make us feel the atmosphere of the most beautiful beach. With contemporary and transitional elements, this living room feels warmer. Then, any furniture here is combined to looks like beach view. Jackson Design Blue tells more about beach…

Rug becomes an important element for a room decoration. Unfortunately, not all rug patterns will be matched to our house decoration. If you have more time at home and have basic DIY skill, better to make your own rug. It doesn’t have to a big rug just the small one but look eye-catching for room decor. See these following ideas; Rug With Zebra Pattern To bring zoo atmosphere on your kid bedroom, you can add rug with animal pattern. Rather than apply tiger or cheetah pattern that most common, try zebra. Use wax paper and dabbing your paintbrush and shape like zebra. West Elm Inspired Rug Create your own West Elm inspired rug with marker and paint. You may need more time but it upgrade your room decoration very well just with simple steps. Furthermore, designing your own rug will trigger your creativity. Creative Stenciled Damask Rug Damask Rug with…

Wallpapering wall upgrades room decoration in simple step. This decor trend will not be old-fashioned. Due to wallpaper pattern that will always change according to the newest decor style, your room will not look annoying. Whatever the wallpaper used, even with ancient pattern, the room looks inviting and fresh. You need to try these following iconic wallpaper trends for more stylish room decor;

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