Day: April 1, 2019


How To Install Bamboo Chairs That Give Tremendous Effect For Dining Room

One of the most versatile materials used for furniture is bamboo. We can do a lot of things with this material, especially to make furniture. It comes to make a house has traditional touch. There are some accents, furniture, or home accessories made from bamboo. You can see how bamboo chairs give tremendous effect for dining room as follow;

Interior Design

8 Extravagant Ways To Use Chalkboard For Room Decoration

Chalkboard for school is common thing. However, chalkboard for home decoration is incredible. It may help you to give message for your family. Express your feeling, dream, creativity, or anything that you want anybody to see. Furthermore, you can clean it anytime when you have bored and want to change the message and or drawings. Let’s check out these ideas below;