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8 Lovely Table Setting Ideas To Date At Home This Valentine Day

Questioning on where you should go to celebrate Valentine Day with your partner? Why don’t have a d…

Questioning on where you should go to celebrate Valentine Day with your partner? Why don’t have a dinner with your own home. It looked more special and intimate than go to a restaurant. You can decorate your dining room with red flower, candles, and other romantic items.

Table With Message

Table With Message


Get more intimate moment with your partner at this Valentine Day with red color tone. First of all, you have to let the table in white. Give an accent of dark fabric with message. Furthermore, add more red flowers.

With a Bucket of Red Flower

Romantic table for Valentine Day deals with a bucket of flower that looks so awesome. Combine with white plates and a DIY glass chandelier. Don’t forget to put a beautiful napkin pattern to add aesthetic value for your dinner table.

Add More Candles

Pink candles may look so romantic, if you add more and more candles it will heart touching. Then, fill the table with a bucket of red flower is must. Choose red and white plate with red book menu. This is more than just lovely.

You and Me

It doesn’t have to be always red; you may apply pink basic color for your Valentine Day table setting. Add rustic elements just like tiny wooden log and a vase of dried flower will look different. This design is soft but dreamy.

Red, White and Pink Valentine Table

A fabulous table design for romantic dinner at Valentine Day shown by this table. There are three major colors that basically used for this decoration merely red, white, and pink. You can see the focal interest of this décor through the red napkin.

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Romantic With Tulip

Take a look at this design that consists of soft pink linen napkins and corks. Incorporate those elements with two petal pink creative candles. Overall, this is a simple dinner design but look sophisticated. Even, it doesn’t have to rose, this design apply fresh tulip flower.

Design Table With Fruits

More strawberry also looks romantic for designing table at Valentine Day. This decoration works well at morning, when you have your breakfast. Fruits will make you fresh and improve your healthy skin. Strawberry is the best choice for Valentine Day morning.

Love Note at Table

Give printable love note at the table to tell how you adore your partner very much. Combine with candles, a red wine, and a plate of fruits for more cohesive Valentine decoration. You may give note by your handwriting to look more romantic as well.

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