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8 Clever Tips On How To make Ceilings Look Higher

Ceilings actually play major impact for a house decoration. House with high ceiling looks more eleg…

Ceilings actually play major impact for a house decoration. House with high ceiling looks more elegant and inviting. It also makes the room appears larger and brighter. How about if you don’t apply high ceiling for your house? You will still be able to make the illusion of high ceiling with some tricks. Let’s check out further;

Use Flush Mounted Lighting

Use Flush Mounted Lighting


Flush mounted lighting will create high ceiling effect rather than pendant light. Furthermore, this lighting will not cost as much as pendant lighting. So, you get more functional lighting even with minimal budget.

Choose Lighter Paint For Ceiling

It will be better for us to paint the ceiling with light color such as white. Then, apply darker color for the walls and floors to create high ceiling effect. This way makes the room appear brighter, larger, and warmer.

Apply Glossy Paint

Look at this eclectic living room with yellow glossy ceilings. The room appears larger, cheerful, and inviting. Glossy paint can reflect the surrounding as well though not as good as mirror. You are free to add more lighting as well to get high ceiling effect.

Use Your Door

This brilliant idea may create generous space between floor and ceilings. Let see how a door which rise to the ceiling height larger the room. Moreover, the ceilings look high. This idea may be applied to any room as well.

Walls With Vertical Stripes

You may use wallpaper or paint the walls by yourself with striped color. It has been known that stripes make the wall look longer. So, the ceiling will appear higher. Just mix and match striped color wall with your furniture for inviting room look.

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Use Glass Wall

Glass will reflect everything around. So, using glass wall will create more space between the floor and ceilings. It comes to an effect that ceilings looked higher. Moreover, the room also appears brighter and cleaner.

Choose The Furniture For Our Home

Make sure you apply the best furniture for you house not only because of the appearance but also function. Choose low furniture will create more space between floor and ceiling. So, the ceilings will look higher.

Use Your Walls

To make ceilings look higher, you can use your walls. Apply wall up lighting that will brighten your wall and make shows the ceilings. Bright wall makes you can see the ceiling clearly. So, the room seems cozy and warmer.



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