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Dazzling Easter Wreath Designs That Everyone Will Love

Design wreath will not take much time, even a DIY newbie can create it well. You only have to buy w…

Design wreath will not take much time, even a DIY newbie can create it well. You only have to buy wreath or use other thing such as basket, ribbon, and many more. Welcoming Easter will be more excited if you already create attractive wreath for your home decoration.

Easter Egg Wreath Basket

SourceThis cute wreath made from two grapevines wreaths. Some eggs are put on a basket as like as what real bird does. You may paint the eggs in various pastel colors or let it in one same color. Then, don’t forget a colorful ribbon.

Embroidery Hoop Easter Wreath

Create this simple ribbon for Easter Day will not take time. You only need to prepare the eggs in various colors, some moss, a hot glue gun, and ribbon. Hang this wreath on the door or wall.

Framed Wreath DIY for Spring Easter

Besides of wreath, you may also take picture frame to design Easter Day. Feel free to paint the frame or let it with rustic style. Then, hang the eggs with a rope. Add other accents as decoration.  Even a DIY newbie can create it in less than an hour.

Fabric Bunny Wreath

With pieces of fabric, you may change your door decor. Prepare wire hanger and bend into the shape of bunny. After that, scrap the colorful fabric till the whole surface of wire hanger. Hang on the door or wall.

Easter Egg Wreath From Yarn

Provide colored yarn, flour, balloons, and liquid starch to create a pretty wreath as well. Then arrange the eggs in circular shape. This easy wreath will improve your door decoration.

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Blue Sprayed Wreath For Easter

Buy a wreath on the store. Then, spray with blue paint. Add some ornaments like eggs, faux fur, fruit, and flowers. This wreath looks pretty for your wall.

Rainbow Bunny Wreath

Attach peeps bunny to a Styrofoam use toothpicks till round shape. Then, add a touch of beautiful pink ribbon. This cute wreath looks attractive with colorful bunny peeps hang on your door.

Welcome Easter Burlap Wreath

Painted eggs, carrots, ribbon, and other elements are cute combination in a burlap wreath. Just customize the design based on your decoration. However, this wreath looks simple but inviting.

Wreath Form Basket

Green moss gives fresh look for this wreath design. Then, a small bird’s nest decoration with a small bird ornament completes this look. The bird has a few faux eggs. You may add pussy willow branches and flowers as well.


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