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How Mirrored Furniture Give Effect For Kitchen Decoration

Mirrored furniture in a kitchen creates larger and brighter effect. Due to the function of mirror i…

Mirrored furniture in a kitchen creates larger and brighter effect. Due to the function of mirror is to reflect anything in front of it. Some people avoid the use of mirrored furniture because it will easy to broke, but some others adore it by the function.

When you wish to have mirrored furniture for kitchen you find it at the backsplash, door, walls, or other stuffs. However, you need to keep it clean. See these following ideas;

Large Mirror Sliding Door

Here is how mirror sliding door play role at this kitchen decoration. Let see it reflects the room that appear modern and chic. The door creates larger effect and makes this kitchen appear brighter.

Clean Modern Kitchen With A Twist

You will adore this elegant kitchen design with onyx bar. The lighting perfectly comes to make the room brighter. Moreover, mirrored tile backsplash is more than enough to upgrade this kitchen design very well. Awesome, right?

Mirrored Backsplash

Insert mirror for backsplash is brilliant idea. It will easily to be clean, makes the kitchen look bright, and give a sense of depth. Even, you can apply this idea to your kitchen right now.

Mirror On the Side Wall

The kitchen with breakfast bar already looks attractive. A mirror hanged on the side wall next to breakfast bar reflects the room design very well. Moreover, that mirror also spread out natural lighting to create brighter kitchen.

Kitchen And Dining Area With Mirrored Furniture

This kitchen is sophisticated with sliding glass wall that shows you how the view outside. Then, take a look at the mirrored furniture that reflects the back part dining seating, it seems mind-blowing. Further, create larger floor.

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Modern Kitchen With Mirrored Backsplash

Cook while see your reflection on the mirror seems funny, but it does happen. Especially when you want to make sure that you still look perfect though you are cooking. This kitchen has plenty natural light as well.

Mirrored Door By The Counter

Mirrored door by the counter is because of a reason. That is too reflect what family do when they at the dining seating. Whether they eat the meals or just talk each other, the mirrored door reflect anything in front of it.

Kitchen With Contemporary Handle-Less Design

This contemporary handle-less design makes the kitchen appear sophisticated. With dark stained timber looked contrast with the mirror backsplash. However, they are in brilliant combination. The role of pop color also completes this inviting room decoration.




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