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8 Inspiring Mid-Century Bedroom Designs for Timeless Style

Designing mid-century room deals with simple and neutral color. White is the best choice to apply t…

Bedroom with mid-century style comes with natural wood, simple lines, and mostly muted palette. Applying mid-century for bedroom means that you will ready to have this design for a long time. You cannot suddenly change the decor anytime.

It is not like contemporary bedroom where you can change the decoration after feel bored. However, this design seems more timeless than modern bedroom. Like these following mid-century bedroom designs that may inspire you;

Mid-Century White Bedroom

Designing mid-century room deals with simple and neutral color. White is the best choice to apply those characters. Further, this room shows the elegant beauty of white and neutral color. The role of natural wood makes this bedroom feel warmer.

Apply Blue Accent Color

Mid-century design uses white and natural color for room. However, you can add blue as well to upgrade mid-century bedroom decor like the picture. With blue wall, pillows, and small chair actually beautify this room design.

With Hairpin Leg

Mid-century furniture usually applies hairpin for its legs. Here, this bed also uses hairpin legs that make this room appear unique and inviting. Combine with natural wooden floor and white bedroom wall to perfect the tone.

Accent Wall for Mid-Century Bedroom

Bedroom with mid-century design will use retro chartreuse accent wall to appear more stylish. Abstract artwork and golden mirror also improve this bedroom look. Let see how the rug also play role to beautify this bedroom decoration.

Retro Style Mix Mid-Century Design

Retro circles and geometric look amazing to combine with global style. Further, the designer of this bedroom chooses to add a splash of retro flair to show another mid-century modern bedroom design which appears sophisticated.

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Mid-Century with Platform Bed

If you are classic lover, try this bedroom design. Mid-century with platform bed looks retro with red color pillow on the chair. This classic mid-century style will remind you about past era but still enjoy today’s modern life.

Mid-Century Bedroom With Eames Chair

People who see this room will directly recognize that this is a mid-century bedroom style. Do you know why? Yup, it is because of the Eames chair use. This chair will make you feel comfortable with its classic tone.

With Natural Material

Wood and stone are natural material that usually used for mid-century room decor. This bedroom with those materials also shows mid-century design that look so warm and classic. Just take a rest better at this bedroom to relax your mind.

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