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8 Glorious Sculptural Ceiling Designs That Will Add Modern Touch For Any Room

To create modern design for ceiling is actually not hard with the right tools. Best ceiling design …

To create modern design for ceiling is actually not hard with the right tools. Best ceiling design will make the room appear neat, clutter free, and sophisticated. It reduces heat at summer and makes the rooms warmer at winter or autumn. However, you need to consider about your building height before apply sculptural ceiling. Check out these ideas below for further inspiration;

More Textures Ceiling

More Textures Ceiling


This sculptural ceiling with more textures looks awesome for living room and or dining room. Make sure you apply bright color painting to make it not too crowded. This ceiling style needs more light whether from natural light and or lamps.

Modern Grey And White Ceiling

This is a common ceiling style but with more colors. The owner of this house applies grey color combine with white for more cohesive look. Further, it has up lighting wall to create higher ceiling look. Then, a crystal chandelier lives it up.

Spectacular Geometric Ceiling

With the role of texture and shape animating, this room appears in a modern interior. It also uses exposed concrete for more eye-catching look. The spectacular geometric ceiling will take a part as the focal interest.

Lush Extraordinary Space

This is a modern and elegant design ceiling that will attract people attention directly. Floor to ceiling windows continue to more lighting on the ceiling keeps this room sophisticated and larger. This living room is relaxing and will boost your mood.

Balancing Ceiling and Furniture

Geometric form on the ceiling and furniture works well to create modern and chic room decoration. This long living room even appears larger due to its plenty of natural light. The role of bulbs on the ceiling adds specific feature that unique and touching.

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Decorative Ceiling

What about decorative ceiling? It has strong statement that play big role for a room decoration just like this bathroom design with spectacular ceiling. With modern room style, the ceiling add more attractive point very well.

Sculptural Organicity Ceiling

The rigid black and white composition on the floor looks contrast with sculptural ceiling. You have to add more lighting to make this area seems larger. Then, apply white color wall for brighter room. So, it will not too busy.

Herringbone Pattern Ceiling

Herringbone pattern ceiling looks awesome for kitchen design. Combine with industrial lighting for creating better harmony. Then, it has to be plenty with natural light to avoid too busy kitchen decoration.


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