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8 Incredible Ways To Repurpose Old Window Shutter As New Furniture

Window shutter that is already old can be repurposed for more functional way. Even, it may become g…

Window shutter that is already old can be repurposed for more functional way. Even, it may become great furniture as well without spending many budgets. Then, you will have new home items to upgrade your decoration as well. Check out these ideas below that may inspire you;

Use It As A Toilet Holder

Use It As A Toilet Holder


Add shabby chic style at bathroom doesn’t have to buy new furniture. You may use window shutter for toilet holder to keep tissue, towel, or anything related to bathroom items. It saves your budget well and makes difference at your bathroom decoration.

Jewelry Station From Window Shutter

No need to buy storage for your jewelry. Just repurpose old shutter and hang it on the wall. Use some hooks to hold your necklace, bracelet, or other jewelries that you have. It looks rustic but inviting, right?

Window Shutter As Keys Holder

Put an old window shutter at hallway to be used as keys holder. It will help you to put your keys, so it will be easy to find whenever needed. Better to paint that window shutter in bright color to make it look attractive.

Window Shutter Into A Side Table

Display your decoration creatively at this window shutter coffee table. You can create this amazing coffee table or buy it at store. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and looks elegant for your living room or anywhere as your desire.

Window Shutter For An Epic Headboard

Do you wish to add a new look for your bedroom design? This old shutter headboard may look as one of decorative options for you. Without need to buy new furniture or accessories, repurpose old window shutter for headboard is awesome.

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Make A Closet From Window Shutter

What about making a new closet from old things like the picture? Here it is old window shutters that repurposed as new closet to save your clothes. You need to collect six window shutters to be arranged as new closet like this.

Create New Bookcase

Two old window shutter and some pallet boards that arranged well into a new bookcase may inspire you to do the same thing. Hang this bookcase or just let it stand against the wall as one of your furniture that looks inviting and functional.

Old Window Shutter As Vertical Garden

Vertical garden at a room adds positive effect for your room decoration. Furthermore, the plants will produce fresh air that will make the owner healthier. Old window shutter can be repurposed as vertical garden as well.

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