April 25, 2019


Wallpapering wall upgrades room decoration in simple step. This decor trend will not be old-fashioned. Due to wallpaper pattern that will always change according to the newest decor style, your room will not look annoying. Whatever the wallpaper used, even with ancient pattern, the room looks inviting and fresh. You need to try these following iconic wallpaper trends for more stylish room decor;

Some designer uses Moroccan style as attractive decorative elements. It can be in a form of lantern, chandelier, or even pendant light. Moroccan accessory comes with its unique pattern and or color that look blend with any room decor. Just like Moroccan wedding blanket that has attractive texture to use as decorative element to upgrade a room decor. See these inspiring ideas Moroccan Wedding Blankets as Headboard Decorating bedroom with new thing will upgrade it very well. Just like what the designer does for this bedroom with Moroccan wedding blankets. Use it as headboard looks simple but also eye-catching and easy to copy. Modern Farmhouse Style For modern farmhouse bedroom style, the Moroccan wedding blankets play important part. It uses for covering white bed and pillows to create more modern touch for a farmhouse tone. Moreover, it acts as the focal interest as well. Home Office Wall Accent Display your…

French country style bedroom shows more about colors, patterns, and material that blend in cohesive combination without look too busy or outdated. It may appear feminine, colorful, welcoming, and or casual with old-word style but nit goes out of fashion. Furthermore, you can combine it with traditional or modern decoration as well. See these French country bedroom decor that may inspire you;

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