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How To Use Moroccan Wedding Blankets To Upgrade Room Decor Attractively

Some designer uses Moroccan style as attractive decorative elements. It can be in a form of lantern, chandelier, or even pendant light. Moroccan accessory comes with its unique pattern and or color that look blend with any room decor. Just like Moroccan wedding blanket that has attractive texture to use as decorative element to upgrade a room decor. See these inspiring ideas

Moroccan Wedding Blankets as Headboard

Moroccan Wedding Blankets As Headboard


Decorating bedroom with new thing will upgrade it very well. Just like what the designer does for this bedroom with Moroccan wedding blankets. Use it as headboard looks simple but also eye-catching and easy to copy.

Modern Farmhouse Style

For modern farmhouse bedroom style, the Moroccan wedding blankets play important part. It uses for covering white bed and pillows to create more modern touch for a farmhouse tone. Moreover, it acts as the focal interest as well.

Home Office Wall Accent

Display your Moroccan wedding blanket backward office table also looks genius. It fills the space with simple touch but looks awesome. Surely, it is because the blanket already made with lovely pattern.

Living Room With Pop of Neutral Texture

Even a Moroccan wedding blanket can play role more important to break the decor. Let’s see how white blanket can affect the brown sofa just in simple touch. It adds neutral tone but dramatically improves the decor.

Moroccan Wedding Blanket As Toasty Touch

Look how a Moroccan wedding blanket can give toasty touch for this neutral color decoration. Even, it is in white color. The texture of this blanket looks mind-blowing and can enliven this room decor compare to the whole neutral design.

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Dresses Up A Bed

A creamy white Moroccan wedding blanket completes this white bedroom design. If you adore an elegant bedroom style but with simple touch, you may try this smart way. It is just by adding a Moroccan wedding blanket. Easy right?

Cover Coffee Table Ottoman

Use your Moroccan wedding blanket for covering coffee table ottoman also great idea that can be done easily. Even a DIY newbie can creates this simple idea in minutes. But, look at the result! This is dramatically awesome.

Moroccan Wedding Blankets To Spruce Up Seating Area

Will you dare to makeover your sofa? Neither needs to spend more hours nor budgets to have sophisticated sofa for your living room. Just add a Moroccan wedding blanket to cover one side of it. Then, it looks dramatically attractive.


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