8 Fairy Tale-Inspired Gardening Designs For Amazing Outdoor View

By | April 27, 2019
8 Fairy Tale Inspired Gardening Designs For Amazing Outdoor View

Gardening will boost your mind. Started from planting any kinds of plants whether succulents, flower, herbs, or even tree, till you see them grow well. Design garden actually is not hard, because whatever your garden decor style, you will get amazing outdoor view. However, you need to try this fairy-tale inspired garden designs to upgrade your outdoor.

Old Boot Rose Planter

Imagine that some fairies fly around this old boot with roses. You may see this like on the film Thunderbell or so on. Rather than let this old boot becomes rubbish, use it as planter may give your garden different look.

Colorful Bench in a Rustic Farm Design

Fairy world is full of color that shows happiness. This bench is created after get inspiration fairy tale story. With more color to make farm rustic design looks cheerful. Combine with wooden branches to look more inviting.

Terrace Flooded by Flowers

Terrace with flower for more colorful life also makes this outdoor looks inviting. Furthermore, you may add green plants as well to get fresh and clean air. Apply a white bench with colorful throw pillows that wonderful to see every day.

Wooden Trunks Planter

See those wooden branches that used as flower planters. You may see some fairies fly around white painting flower petals in your imagination. Further, some fairies may build their house at those wooden trunks planters.

Old Teapots Holding Flowers

Have you ever seen a fairy comes from tea pot? Then, a gardener uses tea pots for holding some colorful flowers and hangs them on handrail. This simple idea works well to beautify staircase. Even, you can hang them at your porch.

Wooden Wheelbarrow

Get ready to gain more mood boosting elements at your garden through planting some flowers. Like this wooden wheelbarrow that located at the center of ocean of flowers. This little park even will give you happy feeling anytime.

Stone Made Basket

Though only two super big stone baskets, this outdoor looks extraordinary. Those baskets with colorful flowers appear eye-catching and inviting. Add some sands and pebble around the baskets to style this creative garden design.

Beautiful Cart

It can be called as garden cart or garden bike. If you remember about Cinderella’s story, this garden design will remind you about that beautiful girl. You may plant any flowers as you like and put the cart at the center of your outdoor garden area.


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