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8 Inspiring Rug Pattern Ideas That Easy To Make And Affordable

Rug becomes an important element for a room decoration. Unfortunately, not all rug patterns will be matched to our house decoration. If you have more time at home and have basic DIY skill, better to make your own rug. It doesn’t have to a big rug just the small one but look eye-catching for room decor. See these following ideas;

Rug With Zebra Pattern

Rug With Zebra Pattern


To bring zoo atmosphere on your kid bedroom, you can add rug with animal pattern. Rather than apply tiger or cheetah pattern that most common, try zebra. Use wax paper and dabbing your paintbrush and shape like zebra.

West Elm Inspired Rug

Create your own West Elm inspired rug with marker and paint. You may need more time but it upgrade your room decoration very well just with simple steps. Furthermore, designing your own rug will trigger your creativity.

Creative Stenciled Damask Rug

Damask Rug with yellow color for a great bathroom decoration. You are free to choose other colors as you like. You only have to reuse stencil from your last project.

Diagonal Striped Rug

This beautiful DIY diagonal striped rug actually easy to make. Use few coats of spray paint with red color and the rug with grey basic. The combination of this color adds a tone of eccentric room appeal. Then, put the rug anywhere at your house.

Simple Arrowhead Rug

Chevron pattern with line down the center will improve your floor appearance. To make this pattern, you have to be careful. So, make sure you have the equipment like painter’s tape, latex paint, and a blank rug.

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Navy and White Rug

Buy a small sisal rug with navy color then paint white diagonal line. This color combination brings the room into retro style. Apply for your kid’s room or any room as your desire. Just make sure to mix and match it with your home decoration.

Faux Fur Rug

First of all, you need to apply rug underlay that will become the basic. Then, prepare a piece of faux fur and cut to the size of the rug. After that, you have to provide some Velcro and hot glue to adhere the faux fur with rug.

Cute Bear Rug

Kid’s room needs a rug. If you don’t have any time to go outside, create a simple but cute rug for your nursery room.  What you need to prepare is soft and furry fabric and sew it like bear body. Then, add bear head to make look like the real bear.

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