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8 Rustic Patio Designs To Feel Comfy During Any Season

Whether you want the snows fall or see the sunset at evening, any season you will have more relaxin…

Whether you want the snows fall or see the sunset at evening, any season you will have more relaxing time at patio. Rustic design will keep you warm at winter and feel fresh when summer. Get better time with your family by drinking tea at morning also seems as a great moment that can be done in patio. Check out these following rustic patio designs that you may copy for your outdoor;

French Farmhouse Patio

French Famrhouse Patio


The hanging mosaic glass lamp makes this patio looks different but attractive. The owner chooses to apply mismatching chairs and it creates wonderful impact. Moreover, potted greenery makes this room seems more relaxing.

Rustic Covered Patio With Wooden Beams

This is actually an outdoor living room. The owner installs painted wicker furniture and a fireplace to have warmer atmosphere outside. Brick floor looks fantastic and add rustic touch better.

Rustic Patio With A Stone Fireplace And Pillars

The fireplace is made from stone as well as the two pillars that show rustic style. The use of rattan and wooden furniture also complete this rustic patio design. Then, colorful textiles complete the patio decoration perfectly.

Boho Meets Rustic Patio

Boho meets rustic shown by this patio with wooden and wicker furniture. Look further from white textiles for boho touch. Then, potted greenery and tree stumps stand as great statement. Get free spirit form this patio decor.

Small Yet Cozy Rustic Patio

Enjoy summer time will be more exciting with wicker furniture and simple textiles at the seating. This patio also completed with a low coffee table.

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Small Rustic Patio With Aqua Touch

Have a great time with your family! Get warm conversation or just see the beautiful stars at night will be more fun. This patio looks chic with wooden furniture and aqua touches near the pool for more refreshing moment.

Rustic Patio Done With Logs

Patio with a stone fireplace always looks incredible and inviting. You can see wooden furniture, potted greenery and blooms flower that appears in a perfect harmony. With wood logs as basic material, this patio defines rustic very well.

Countryside Patio

With wicker and wooden furniture, this patio shows well about rustic decoration. Furthermore, candle lanterns play its role to give better lighting at night. Then, an artwork and a shutter screen complete this countryside patio design tremendously.






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