8 Dreamy House Designs That Anyone Wish Were Theirs

A dreamy house should reflect the character of home owner. Consider the location, material, shape, size, and anything related to house design has to be in line with the owner vision. However, when you want to get a dreamy house, you need to spend extra budgets. Like these following dreamy house design that anyone wish to live.

A Modern-Day Fort Overlooking The Sea

A Modern Day Fort Overlooking The Sea

Have a house with a wonderful sea in front of it is miracle. It just like a dream comes true. You can enjoy the scenery right on your eyes. With fresh and clear air, you can boost your mood almost any time you need.

Invermay House

Invermay House

Created as family home expansion, this house architecture may become a dreamy house. Though only have two bedrooms, but the design looks classic and will make us feel quite. You will see that there are more space at this house.

Dream Wissioming Residence Exterior

Dream Wissioming Residence Exterior By Robert Gurney Architect

There are lots of trees around this dreamy house. The architect of this house gives new element that will attract people attention through swimming pool which is suspended 20 feet above the ground. This house is design to blend with nature.

House With Cantilevered Pool

Werk Van Architectenbureau Paul De Ruiter; Http://www.paulderuit

No more words to say. This house design perfectly becomes one of the dreamiest houses building ever. Take a look at the cantilevered pool that becomes the focal interest of this house. The idea of creating eye-catching exterior makes this room appear awesome.

The Perfect Retirement Home

The Perfect Retirement Home

With cheerful vibe, you will get more entertainment only seeing this house architecture. This house is designed with single-level structure with an open plan living. Moreover, you will see large window that will catch more natural light.

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House with Sculptural Beauty

House With Sculptural Beauty

With the uses simple lines and forms to sculpt the land, this house appear with natural design that also dramatic. When you want to choose modern house architecture but keep natural elements, apply this house design.

Verticality Saves The Land

Verticality Saves The Land

This charming house design comes to attract your eyes. This house is built vertically to save the lands, so that you can plant more plants. There are three floors with roof garden shows that the owner of this house loves the nature very much.

Nature’s Embrace

Meyerowitz Residence

This house provides pretty amazing view that will attract your guest attention. With natural material, this house is built to make the owner feel cozy. Furthermore, you can apply this house design though live in small city.

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