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8 Extraordinary Floor Lamp Designs That Will Upgrade Your Room

Modern room asks you unique accessories or furniture to make the room appear sophisticated. Rather …

Modern room asks you unique accessories or furniture to make the room appear sophisticated. Rather than use hang lighting that looks common, you can try to apply floor lamp. Of course with unique and charm design. Choose the floor lamp with size and structure that will give dramatic impact to your room.

The Groggy Floor Lamp

The Groggy Floor Lamp


With oblique shape and an asterix base, Tom Stepp designs a unique floor lamp for your modern room decoration. This lamp looks awesome to be placed near your home office desk. Take a look at the body and base that shows such an interesting view.

The Pinch and Splay Floor Lamps

Those two floor lamps are great to place anywhere at your house. Even, it will become the focal point though you only put them on the nook. However, use them for living room or bedroom will be the best decision.

The Semjase Floor Lamp

Another unique floor lamp idea comes from Italian designer, Sandro Santantonio. He creates elegant piece of curve floor lamp in white color with a fluid and slender shape. This lamp is designed for a modern room decoration.

The Mate Floor Lamp

This mate floor lamp looks awesome for indoor or outdoor lighting. With luminous shape and shade, the floor lamp bring the room appear more pleasant. Further, this lamp also fit to any home design whether modern, rustic, industrial, or even coastal house.

Hello Floor Lamp

This simple design floor lamp is great for minimalist and modern room decoration. Made of beech and a steel shade, this floor lamp can stand alone and become the focal interest of a room. The neutral color makes it easy to combine with other decoration easily.

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Halley Floor To Wall Lamp

If you want to design a romantic dining area, use this Halley floor lamp. With thin bodies and resemble curved stripes, it ease you to combine with other room decor. This lamp also looks great for reading nook as well.

Giraffe Floor Lamp

This lamp is perfect for reading nook or photo studio. With tall structure, you can gain more light form this floor lamp. You can use this lamp for indoor or outdoor lighting.

Left Or Right Big Floor Lamp

Enjoy your time at reading area with optimum lighting form this floor lamp. Put the floor lamp beside sofa and read any books you like. Moreover, you can use the base of lamp as books storage that will make you easy to reach them anytime.

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