8 Furniture That Look Brand-New With Wallpaper Hack To Inspire You

Buy new furniture will cost much. If your furniture already look monotonous or even bring, you can hack them to look like brand new. Attach wallpaper will freshen up your furniture without much money. Even, a DIY newbie can do this hack easily. Like these following furniture with wallpaper that may inspire you;

DIY Super Bright Bookcase

Upcycle a Bookshelf with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This mid-century style bookcase looks brighter with blue wallpaper. Anybody can create this amazing makeover idea, because it is budget-friendly. You only have to buy colorful and bright wallpaper to cover the bookcase.

DIY Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Nightstand

30 DIY Tropical Leaf Projects

This nightstand looked cooler and brighter with tropical leaf wallpaper. Moreover, you can see some brass campaign chest corners at this nightstand that make it more elegant. Put any accent on it to spruce it up like a vase of flower or others.

DIY Wallpaper Side Table


These stools appear in different style with blue wallpaper. With this hack, the stool looks like a new furniture. Further, wallpaper is made to freshen up anything, included your stools like the picture has shown.

DIY Super Colorful Mid-Century Modern Cabinet

DIY MCM Bar Cabinet

Create a mid-century modern cabinet by using wallpaper will give you wonderful furniture. The outside already painted in bright color, so it matches with wallpaper. Use this simple cabinet for home bar or coffee station or anything you like.

DIY Glass Front Sideboard


What an adorable storage is this. Look at the bright color painting at whole surface that looks attractive. Then, the owner adds orange floral wallpaper to complete the look. Finished with casters, this storage tells you clearly about personality.

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DIY Removable Wallpaper Headboard

DIY Removable Wallpaper Headboard

Headboard takes major role for a bedroom look. Upgrade it up will affect your bedroom decoration. One of the great ways to improve headboard without spending more money is that use removable wallpaper as headboard. You can remove it when bored and change with other patterns.

DIY IKEA Makeup Table Hack

IKEA MALM Sideboard Hack

Give a new touch for your makeup table with simple thing like applying wallpaper. Refresh the table with bright wallpaper will make it more eye-catching. Even, you can use this table for other purposes as you wish.

DIY Wallpaper Decoupage Tabletop

Removable Wallpaper with Devine Color

If you already feel bored with your monotonous table top, attach it with wallpaper. With this simple hack, you can hide scratches or marks and even a great big dirty at the top of your dining table and give it a new look.

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