4 Ways to Design a Luxury Apartment

What is it About Luxury Apartments?

Have you ever gone into a luxury apartment and you think to yourself “it looks expensive,”? Do you want that luxury in your own apartment but often fail to pinpoint what makes it looks like that? Luxury is not about stacking up expensive items. It is about quality and the skillset to put things together in such a branded mindset. 

Here are the four luxury apartment design plans.

1. Go Minimal, Add Elegance

Having an open space, free of clutter and distraction is the first step for your luxury apartment plans. Go with neutral colors such as white and grey.

Put minimal artwork on one side of your wall to add elegance and a modern apartment interior design vibe. Across to it, put a giant mirror to create a more open and clean space.  To kill the dullness, choose one or two medium-sized decorative pieces that you can put on the floor like a sofa, or twirling candle holders.

Beautiful living room apartment with a combination of gray and white to make it look more comfortable. Placing abstract wall art, brown sofa and decorative lightibg can add an elegant impression to the apartment living room.

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Amazing living room apartment with a large glass wall looks more spacious and coconut tree paintings to make it look elegant and attractive, and a touch of luxury feels visible in the layers on the walls colored to gold, making it feel comfortable when with family joking
The dining room in the apartment is very elegant with high glass walls that look clean. Adding abstract paintings on the walls can add to the impression of luxury in this room.

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Fabulous living room apartment with white and gray paint to make it look more solid. A long white sofa with elegant light gray color, plus a small cabinet and and big abstract wall art can add a luxury value into the room. This is a good idea for your reference.

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2. Lighting Brings Elegance

The perfect choice of lighting will suddenly change the mood and ambiance of your luxury apartment. Go with a contemporary lighting style to fill up your open apartment. Want something a little more uncommon? Install a wall lighting; it’s simple and luxurious.

A beautiful living room apartment with lighting on the ceiling can create a luxury look. Add a black sofa that presents an elegant feel to be a great idea for your decorating choice

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A beautiful apartment with extraordinary lighting effects on the wall. The blue color that appears on the lamp can create a luxurious feel to every corner of the room.

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The apartment with lights in every corner gives the impression of luxury. Placing a sofa with soft feathers and large carpets can add a comfortable feeling to gather with family member.
A living room in the apartment with stunning layout that created by installing hanging lights with beautiful glass ornaments plus a round table underneath bring the feel of glamor ambiance.

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3. Play With Texture

Above we have stated that the first step to designing a luxury apartment is to go minimal, but there is a fine line between having a minimal and dull design.

You can mix texture to repel the dullness. For example, mix the type of flowers in your living room or mix the sizes of the pillows on that luxurious sofa. Go and try different fabrics and textures.

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Placing plant ornaments on one wall combined with dark brown wall paint adds to the impression of being far from dull in the apartment. And the golden frame of the table can create the luxurious feel of your living room

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Comfortable living room apartment with soft sofas in dark gray and green plants at the corner brings the impression of being far from dull. Various kinds of pillows cover and matching floor lamp can make the room more comfortable.
An elegant layout with soft sofas and smart bookself inside the wall can save you apartment livingroom from dullness. This decoration can change the room to be a favorite place in your apartment.

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Minimalist living room in the apartment with dark purple sofa and small sleek table blends well with clean white wall color to keep far from dull. Makes it feel comfortable when with family joking together

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4. High Curtains Sell the Eyes

One simple yet effective tip is to hang your curtains high, as high as the ceiling goes. It will create the illusion of a much wider and cleaner space.

The eyes of the gazers will be psychologically triggered to go up and think that the room is taller than it is, creating an effortless luxury apartment vibe.

Creating a modern apartment interior design is quite easy if you know the hacks and ideas. Keep it simple and make sure it’s on the budget. Good luck! 

A beautiful living room apartment with long yellow curtains in cute floral designs as high as the ceiling adds to the feel of a spacious room. Leaf-patterned walls, white round tables accompanied by beautiful flower vases, light blue sofas and unique floral motif pillow that match with room theme cab provide a luxury impression in this room.

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An elegant dinning room in the apartment with high curtain as high as to the ceiling can make the room look more wider and clean. Adding fancy dinning table set blends well with the wall paint and wooden floor. These combination can make the room look elegant and luxury.
Classic living room apartments look more luxurious with high blue curtains on the side can add warm impression with family. This is a reference for you to decorate your room

image source

An apartment living room that is not spacious enough but with the addition of high curtains can make the impression spacious and wide. Placing a simple sofa and soft pillows are a good idea to talk together with your family.

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