20 Best Transitional Living Room Decors from Christmas to Winter

Christmas is coming soon. For those of you who are celebrating, of course, you will be busy looking for inspiration to fix the living room decor. Because Christmas is close to winter so you can decorate the living room with a variety of Christmas accessories and winter accessories. the combination of the two will create a cool living room. Decorating the living room to celebrate Christmas must always use a Christmas tree decorated with various ornaments.

Applying living room decor that matches the Christmas theme can enhance the Christmas atmosphere itself. Especially if you can combine Christmas and winter decorations, the living room becomes more varied. In decorating the living room, you don’t need to put a lot of furniture. You simply put a white wreath on the wall and a replica of the Christmas tree on the table. or you can also add Christmas iconic shapes that you can make yourself like angels, snowballs and so on.

The Red and White

To welcome the season of Christmas to winter you can decorate your living room with the appropriate look. Then choose a white sofa and throw pillows that are dominated by deep red, these two colors will work well together and optimally. Apply white paint to the wooden window frame area that is used so that it has a color match with the rest of the interior. To beautify your coffee table, you can add a red and white Christmas tree replica that looks shiny when reflected by the light from the area around it. Red Touch Color in the White Living Room from @anettevs

Look at a Christmas sign that is applied to the fireplace area of this mantle, doesn’t it look bold because of the use and application of the right paint? Yes, you can use a coat of red paint which can be finished off with a throw blanket of the same color. Furthermore, for other interior uses, you can use just a splash of white to always give a neutral impression. The existence of evergreen decor also adds color to the room instantly in a natural way, you can turn this evergreen material into a garland and tiered trya display design that you can make yourself easily and cheaply. Red Christmas Sign and White Paint Living Room from @dining_delight

Inspirational living room decorations to welcome this year’s Christmas season. You can use the theme of a combination of red and white colors that you can apply to the wall paint and some of the furniture or accessories used in this room. For example, you can apply the use of splashes of red to the use of throw pillows, fireplace mantle stockings and throw blankets as a layer of warmth. To make your room more comfortable, you can add a fireplace in the living room, to make it warmer when you gather with your family. Matching Color Combinations from @erin_sunnysideup

A brown leather chair is one of the seating areas that you can use in decorating the living room from Christmas to winter. Therefore, you can complete the appearance by using throw pillows and blankets to make it a warmer, softer and more comfortable sitting area. But pay attention to the use of these accessories so that they can blend with the theme used. A red knitted throw blanket, a red plaids throw pillow with a snowflake pattern and a faux fur blanket would be a combination that can never fail. You can try it right now. Red Throw Pillow and Blanket from @bethmarantohome

Put More Greenery

Take advantage of the evergreen leaves that are around your home garden to turn them into a mini Christmas tree design that can be applied directly to the living room decoration which is dominated by plain white. In this way, the existence of this Christmas tree can look quite bold because it brings natural colors that never fail. So that this mini Christmas tree doesn’t look too plain, you can add some hanging ornaments such as Christmas balls and mini stars. Then finish off the look of the Christmas tree with a string light with warm colored lighting which is perfect for use when winter arrives. Greenery Mini Christmas Decoration from @holz.haeuschen

One of the simple ways you can decorate your living room from Christmas to winter is to add a generous amount of evergreens. Here you can use this natural material to make a garland design that can be placed directly on the coffee table and fireplace mantle so that it looks quite festive and fun, just make a garland that is long and large enough so that it can be used as the focal point of the room. You can make this garland yourself to save on spending budget. The addition of candle lighting and a fireplace makes the surrounding room temperature feel warmer. Evergreen Garland Ideas from @thejosealamilla

No need to worry when you have a fireplace decoration with a simple and plain look. Because when Christmas is heading this winter you can redecorate it with the right choices. For example, you can hang a few strands of fresh evegreen to add color to make it look more attractive and not too plain. Apart from evergreens, you can also add some candlestick accents and a Christmas sign that is quite large in size so that it has a more attractive final appearance and is ready to be used as a view for your guests. Greenery Touch for Mantel Fireplace from @our.cozy.little.home

Two greenery wreaths are a suitable winter living room decoration when combined with white and blue touches that dominate this room. Here you can make a wreath design with two of the same size and can be hung on the glass window with a dark blue satin ribbon. Hang them symmetrically at the same height. The splashes of white that are applied to the painted walls and ceiling give an elegant impression and of course make this room look more spacious and open. Greenery Wreath for Blue Themed Living Room from @hamptonshome_co

This series of green plants that are used as decorations for this wooden coffee table are perfect when applied in a living room with a Christmas style for winter. Just use one type of evergreen and choose one with a fresh, green look. Not only for evergreens, but you can also make garlands and Christmas trees with the right choice of materials. It’s not enough to get here, you can also use a medium-sized vase which can be repainted with a solid black color so that it has a color contrast that is quite bold and attracts attention. Arrangement Greenery on the Coffee Table from @graceoaksdesigns

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Add Nature Element

Wood is one of the choices for materials that have a touch of nature, so you can try it right now in the living room decoration section with a Christmas nuance for winter. This wood material can be turned into a storage box that you can use to display some suitable winter decorations. For example, you can fill a wooden box with some snowy pinecones, Christmas balls and some fresh green plants. Just get all of these natural ingredients in the garden around your house without having to buy them, so you can save more on your spending budget. You can make this DIY winter box a centerpiece decoration on the coffee table. DIY Winter Box Centerpiece from @mornings_on_macedonia

Do you have a wicker tray at home? If you have it, reuse it as an area or place to display some of the Christmas winter ornaments that you currently have. Just fill the surface of this woven tray with two wooden Christmas trees that have been repainted in plain white and an aromatherapy candle that makes this room more comfortable to use and relaxes you when you rest in this living room. In addition, this wicker rattan tray is also perfected with handles on the right and left sides to make it easier for you to move it to another room when you need it. Wicker Rattan Tray Display Decoration from @roostonrodgers

Slice wood with a flat surface can be reused as a winter decoration in the living room area that is often visited by your family. Not just plain sliced wood, but here you can decorate it with some candle pillars which are perfected with a mini Christmas tree bottlebrush and a medium sized star ornament. Just put this slice wood winter display right on the coffee table that you use so that it can be used as a different view in this living room decoration. There is no need to repaint this slice wood to maintain a natural and eco-friendly touch. Slice Wood Winter Ornament Display from @das_graue_landhaus

View of the living room from Christmas to winter, there are not many changes you can make. But for now you can include natural furniture which you can try using a coffee table made from reclaimed wood with a simple appearance because it is not re-coated with light or dark colored paint. Furthermore, to add a touch of nature to this room, you can also place a wooden box that has been filled with snowy evergreens and pinecones which blend in perfectly. This throw pillow with a plaid pattern and dominated by black and red colors emphasizes the Christmas theme instantly. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from @mornings_on_macedonia

You can make this mini Christmas tree made of evergreen material yourself to decorate some of the furniture used in decorating your living room. Just try to put it directly into the storage dresser section that is in use. Currently you can make more than one and can place it in another area to add color to the room naturally in a more practical and inexpensive way. You can try another natural touch by using a garland that can be hung on the fireplace in this room along with some plain white knitted stockings. Evergreen Mini Christmas Ideas from @pbandp

This garland design made of evergreen material gives a touch of nature to your winter living room decoration. Just install and hang this garland on the floating shelves on the white painted wall which looks plain and boring. Other winter ornaments that can be installed in this room are mini Christmas trees and little stars which can be applied to the empty walls. Throw pillows and blankets on the chairs are additional room accessories that can make it feel warmer when the temperature in the room feels colder. Evergreen Garland Ideas from @my.bohemian.nest

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Provide Blanket

To welcome winter in your living room, pay attention to the layers of cloth that are usually used on chairs or sofas. Also adjust the materials used with the ongoing season. When winter comes, this chunky throw blanket, which is wide and large enough, is a smart idea that you can use. Here you can combine it directly with throw pillows that have round and square shapes. Both will work well together to provide a warmer and more comfortable seating area to use throughout the day. Chungky Material Throw Blanket from @zakreconyswiatwery

If one blanket doesn’t make your body feel warm, then you can use a double faux fur blanket with the same color and material to place simultaneously on the chairs and ottoman in the living room decoration this winter. Faux fur material has a softer and smoother surface so it is suitable for use by both children and adults. You can wash this throw blanket when it’s been used for one week to avoid germs or dust sticking to it. Use a blanket when you need maximum warmth while in this living room. Double Faux Fur Blanket Accent from @oliv.home

When winter arrives, warmth alone is not enough to give a comfortable impression when you are doing activities inside the house. Choose the right material when choosing a throw blanket that you will use on a lounge chair in the corner of the room, to provide warmth as well as a feeling of comfort when using it, you can try using a faux fur throw blanket. Its soft and thick texture will make you feel warm and comfortable when wearing it, so you won’t want to leave it. To get a more harmonious look with the surrounding decor, choose a throw blanket that matches the color too. Furry Throw Blanket with Red Pillow from @landhausamwald

Don’t let your living room look boring when winter comes, try to be more creative in decorating it. Choosing the right color will make the living room decoration more beautiful, you can use a combination of red and white for this occasion. You can’t miss it, you also have to provide blankets on the sofa for additional warmth in the cold season. You can apply the same thing in choosing the color and motif of this blanket, a blanket with a combination of red and white will make your living room look harmonious. Red and White Blanket on the Sofa from @nziarko_

Warm up your living room in winter by adding a throw blanket on the sofa. Choose a throw blanket that has a line or box pattern and a color that matches the rest of the living room decor. In order to get a more harmonious and balanced decoration, there’s nothing wrong if you also pair it with throw pillows that have the same pattern. You can do this to always give a warm impression while making your living room look more comfortable in winter. The combination of red and white that dominates every corner of the room certainly won’t make the room look dark, you can also include other colors to make it more varied, for example by adding blue accessories. Plaid Pattern Throw Blanket from @upsydaisycottage

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Christmas nuance will not be separated from the snow icon. This can be applied in the decoration of your living room when Christmas arrives. Apply a sofa or with pure white color as the theme domination. then you can add a red pillow to make it look beautiful and create a contrasting color with the sofa. To make the living room more comfortable, you also need to add a soft carpet.

Christmas is also identified in green and red. That is why the nuances of green and red decoration and the addition of gold, white textures and snow decorations are very popular. You can use this color combination on the living room pillowcases, or look for jars and displays of similar nuances. The addition of candles is also highly recommended so that your living room looks varied.


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