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8 Best Transitional Living Room Decors from Christmas to Winter

Because Christmas is close to winter so you can decorate the living room with a variety of Christma…

Christmas is coming soon. For those of you who are celebrating, of course, you will be busy looking for inspiration to fix the living room decor. Because Christmas is close to winter so you can decorate the living room with a variety of Christmas accessories and winter accessories. the combination of the two will create a cool living room. Decorating the living room to celebrate Christmas must always use a Christmas tree decorated with various ornaments.

Applying living room decor that matches the Christmas theme can enhance the Christmas atmosphere itself. Especially if you can combine Christmas and winter decorations, the living room becomes more varied. In decorating the living room, you don’t need to put a lot of furniture. You simply put a white wreath on the wall and a replica of the Christmas tree on the table. or you can also add Christmas iconic shapes that you can make yourself like angels, snowballs and so on.

The Red and White

Inspiring living room decorations to welcome this year’s Christmas season. You can use the combination theme of red and white that you can apply the colors to walls and furniture. In order to make your room more comfortable, you can add a fireplace in the living room, so it is warmer when gathering with family.

To welcome the Christmas season to winter you can decorate your warm and warm living room. Then choose a white sofa and red sofa cushion patterned snow, which matches the dominant color in the Christmas season. Apply your hanging rack paint in red and white as well. To enhance your coffee table you can add a replica of Christmas tree in red and white.

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Put More Greenery

To welcome the Christmas season this year you can decorate the living room to get a cool atmosphere with lots of greenery. You can add garlands to decorate your fireplace and add hanging stockings. Then add the flower centrepiece you placed on the wooden coffee table.

An inspiration to welcome this year’s Christmas season to decorate your living room. You can add greenery using a jar planter and placed above your fireplace. then you mix it with a garland and candle holder so that the fireplace in your living room looks beautiful.

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Add Nature Element

Inspiring decoration to welcome the Christmas season to your living room. You can add a touch of Nature Element like the pine tree that you put on your coffee table. to be complete you can add some ornaments that are characteristic of the Christmas season.

During the Christmas season this year with a cool concept in your living room, you can add greenery. You can put a small tree near the window to be exposed to sunlight. and leather wooden to store ornament christmas. then add downy rug to create warmth.

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Provide Blanket

Living room decoration to warmly welcome this Christmas and cold season. You can add knit blankets to your couch to warm up. To complement the decoration you can add a Christmas ornament such as a pine cone centerpiece and lantern candle holder. And also don’t forget to decorate your coffee table.

Warm and comfortable living room decorations to celebrate this year’s Christmas season. Add a christmas tree and wreath garland that you hang on the wall above the fireplace. In addition to your warm fireplace you can add knit blankets that match the color of your sofa.

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Christmas nuance will not be separated from the snow icon. This can be applied in the decoration of your living room when Christmas arrives. Apply a sofa or with pure white color as the theme domination. then you can add a red pillow to make it look beautiful and create a contrasting color with the sofa. To make the living room more comfortable, you also need to add a soft carpet.

Christmas is also identified in green and red. That is why the nuances of green and red decoration and the addition of gold, white textures and snow decorations are very popular. You can use this color combination on the living room pillowcases, or look for jars and displays of similar nuances. The addition of candles is also highly recommended so that your living room looks varied.

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