30 Things to Consider for Winter Living Room Decoration

When winter arrives, you will definitely want to change the atmosphere of your home decor to be warmer. You can also replace your favorite sofa with a softer sofa. Besides that, adding texture with a material that is different from the sofa material such as feather cushions, fabric covers for feather couches or even rugs made from fur can add winter atmosphere to the room.

Warm Rug

Rugs can add beauty and style to your living room. Rugs also have thousands of styles and colors of carpets. That means the choice of carpet will reflect how you want to personalize your living room. Moreover, the rug can be a neutral base color, or it can be a focal point with brighter colors, patterns, and stronger textures. Furthermore, The carpet can make the living room more comfortable to sit, play or work and gives an overall warm feeling.

This large rug under the sofa can make your living room both warm and beautiful, and you should also put a knitted blanket to keep you warm while in the living room. The wood accents on this coffee table give a natural touch to this room. Large Rug from @thelittlebylittlehome_

Using patterned carpets can make your living room elegant and warm at the same time. You can complete it with a white sofa and a coffee table made of wood. Pattern Rug from @justlikeplayinghouse

A brown carpet can keep your living room warm, combined with some elegant furniture will make your living room decoration even more perfect in winter. Brown Rug from @prettyandprintedshop

Living room decoration for winter with a white sofa and a white knitted rug to keep your living room warm. This is a simple idea that you can try because it creates a comfortable living room decoration. Knited Rug from @my.bohemian.nest

Use muted rugs to keep your living room warm. Combined with this wooden floor, it will produce the perfect home decoration. Cozy Rug Living Room from @welcomedchaos

Blanket for the Sofa

If the sofa in your living room is too monotonous because the model is out of date. Then you can beautify the sofa with a blanket. If all this time you thought the blanket was the “property” of the bedroom, but now the blanket can also be used as an accessory to beautify the sofa. So this winter the blanket is the right partner for the sofa.

You can add a warm touch by using a white fluffy blanket placed on the sofa to give it a perfect design. Combined with this soft black sofa, it has the perfect contrast. White Flufy Blanket from @et_landlig_liv

You can use a thick and soft blanket to keep warm while in the living room. You can add a dark sofa and a soft fur rug to complete the warmth of your living room in winter. Pink Blanket from @karens_cottagehome

Make your living room warmer with animal print blankets placed on the sofa for maximum results. Combined with some soft feather pillows will provide extra warmth. Pattern Animal Blanket from @uniquelythriftedhome__

This cream-colored blanket is perfect for your elegant living room with modern furnishings. Combined with a soft sofa and a few pillows above it creates a comfortable and inviting living room decor. Blanket Over Sofa from @iowa_farmhouse_living

Modern farmhouse living room decoration combined with furniture is suitable for this living room design. Placing a plaid blanket on this sofa creates a warm decoration for the winter season. Plaid Blanket from @sheamausserdesigns

The modern farmhouse living room is combined with a gray sofa and don’t forget to put a blanket on it. This idea is interesting for you to try because it has a warm and comfortable design. Throw Blanket from @toathousandgenerationsblog

A fluffy blanket is perfect for your living room. You can place a gray sofa and coffee table to keep your living room warm in winter. Fluffy Accent Blanket from @_freshinteriors

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A family room with a fireplace is very useful for body warmth in the winter or at night. But besides that, there are other benefits from that place that we can maximize. The fireplace room will be a very good room to create a moment of togetherness in the family. You can add decoration in the fireplace room, this will make the fireplace more comfortable to look at.

The rustic living room features a stone fireplace to keep your living room warm during the winter season combined with the perfect furniture to make your living room look elegant. Cottage Winter Fireplace fom @fireplace_barbeque

This rustic living room features a tall stone fireplace which will provide the perfect warm feel to keep your living room warm in the cold winters. Combined with elegant carpets and furniture and you can create a comfortable room design. High Fireplace from @denalicustomhomes

The design of the stone fireplace to compliment your living room combined with simple furniture to make your living room look beautiful in winter. River Stone Fireplace from @lantzcollective

Adding a few ornaments to this Christmas-themed fireplace will give the whole room an extra sense of beauty and warmth. Its simple design gives it a festive and warm Christmas home style. Add Christmas Fireplace from @allisonrenaeblair

A fireplace for the living room is important to keep warm while in the living room. Complete your living room with a white sofa and a wooden coffee table to make your living room look elegant. Winter Fireplace from @home.girls.decor

A modern living room with a fireplace to keep your living room safe from the cold air in winter. You can combine with modern furniture to make your living room look fabulous. Modern Winter Fireplace from @yourhomeandgarden

Adding a fireplace in this living room also serves as the perfect room divider. The choice of material from this stone gives a natural touch and extra warmth to the whole room. Divider Winter Fireplace from @rhondaharan

Make your living room look elegant by using a fireplace made of dark bricks. Combined with this soft seating set, it will provide extra comfort and warmth. Brick Stone Fireplace from @willowgreyinteriors

Don’t forget to add a fireplace accent to one of your living room walls to provide extra comfort and warmth. Having a mantle made of wooden blocks and decorated with stockings is a brilliant idea for you to try. Winter Shiplap Fireplace from @thehousewebuiltonthehill

The black and white fireplace in this winter living room brings an extra touch of elegance and warmth to the whole room. Don’t forget to add some ornaments like garland of orange slices, stockings and trees to make it look pretty. Black and White Winter Fireplace from @made.new.home

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Coffee Table Decoration

A coffee table is a small table that is usually located in the living room or family room, and its function as a place to put drinks or snacks.
The coffee table functions as a trap for sofas and other furniture objects. This object can be the center of attention of the interior design of your living room or family room. Coffee tables are made of wood or iron, and also have a unique design.

In this rustic living room you can use a coffee table with a lodge style to provide a charming decoration. The seating set and fireplace in this room will complement your winter home décor. Rustic Lodge Coffee Table from @kristina.roy

This Christmas coffee table comes with some unique ornaments on it. Adding this coffee table makes for a unique design and an interesting look for you to try in your living room. Christmas Coffee Table from @amyshomelife

This simple winter living room is furnished with a traditional style wooden coffee table which will make the living room even more complete. Adding some candles on top makes for a stunning home decoration. Traditional Coffee Table from @lighting_direct

This winter living room is furnished with an elegant round coffee table to spice up your living room. Don’t forget to add a soft seating area to give the whole room a comfortable impression. Round WInter Coffee Table from @bymeghang

Boho themed wooden coffee table for living room combined with gray sofa makes your living room look beautiful in winter season. Add silver from macrame cloth for maximum results. Boho Winter Coffee Table from @bymeghang

Coffee table made of wood with a unique cut to make your living room look perfect. Don’t forget to complete the look with some winter ornaments on top for a stunning design. Rustic WInter Coffee Table from @bymeghang

Winter living room with wooden coffee table and patterned sofa makes your living room look stunning. Complementing the decor with this winter ornament on the table makes for the perfect decoration. Farmhouse Winter Coffee Table from @deannart

The design of the living room which is equipped with a coffee table made of wood and metal looks perfect. Don’t forget to add winter ornaments on it to maximize the winter decorations in this famrhouse living room. Wooden and Metal Coffee Table from @michealadianedesigns

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Decorating a living room with a variety of furniture is something you can do to welcome winter. A variety of furniture can make your living room more comfortable. But remember that the most important thing is not how luxurious and expensive the furniture is, but how far it functions and can provide comfort for you and your family at home.



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