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20 Interesting Ideas to Create Indoor Greenery During Winter

Even though it’s winter now but we have to make the atmosphere of the house always as cool and beautiful. One way is to maintain a variety of ornamental plants. Ornamental plants can also clean the air. But be careful, choose indoor ornamental plants that can indeed be stored indoors. Furthermore, don’t chooses the wrong plant that grows too tall or even lots of pests and caterpillars. Ornamental plants have artistic value and pride in them and are suitable for decorating your home.

Hanging Planter

Hanging planter is suitable for those of you who want to decorate a terrace or another room to make it look green. This model can save space, ornamental plants are also very flexible in terms of placement. You can place it on a window, terrace, or even a fence wall as long as the place is able to provide enough sunlight. This plant is easy to get and will not make you difficult in terms of care.

Keep things natural with this beautiful burlap hanging plantations from the garden. It’s perfect for bringing color to the corner of your room.
This adorable hanging planter with a sleek blue planter made of plastic is suspended with a black layered rope. This is a stylish way to bring a little atmosphere to your room.
This adorable Hanging Planter with a plywood hanging planter can handle all heavier plants. and the natural color of the plywood looks beautiful in almost all homes.
With a brass factory hanger. To create a soothing beauty, group a few of them together and add colorful leaves to create a beautiful look.

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A living planter is perfect for injecting green plants into your home. Bold patterns and designs will ensure your gardeners do everything they say.
Affordable Hanging Planter with trendy Instagrammable hanging planter. This marks all the boxes in your room.
Amazing Hanging planter with bringing a subtle pop of color into your space with this cute hanging planter. This one can be hung on the wall to create a floating effect.
An adorable Planter Hanging with a unique touch to an indoor garden, this light bulb is perfect for fresh air plants and will fit in your room.
Extraordinary Hanging Planter by filling a copper bowl of your favorite plant for a luxurious look in your room.
Incorporating the popular craft of macrame, these clear hanging glass vases are a great way to bring the outside in.

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Standing Rack Planter

Plant rack is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of gardening. Plant rack can support your ornamental plants in large quantities so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. In addition, a plant rack can be an additional element to beautify your room, both inside and outside. Because of this, you should pay attention to the model of the plant rack you are going to use. Moreover, if you choose the wrong model, it will make your room less beautiful or even damage the atmosphere created by the room’s interior.

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The planter shelf stands with a wooden ladder factory stand. This is a practical and unique way to create visual appeal in your home. A-frame displays plants on the stairs to a good level in your room.
The shelf planter stands with the yellow train bar then looks a little blah in your living room today. Give an extraordinary new life as an indoor herb garden.

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The shelf planter stands in a beautiful wooden staircase style to get the beauty in your very empty room.
Standing rack planter with a factory stand which is actually interesting. It can accommodate three planters and you can make it use stands, you can produce accessories that are very easy but also very elegant for your home.
Standing rack planter requires creativity or hard work. Putting some plants in, the best is the best idea. This plant stand style will be the perfect choice for you if you want a modern look.
Standing rack planter with an attractive wooden staircase style to get the special features in your room.The shelf planter stands in a beautiful wooden staircase style to get the beauty in your very empty room.Standing rack planter with an attractive wooden staircase style to get the special features in your room.
Standing rack planter with stand style of this plant is great to put in your room, It’s best to put it next to your glass or window. It can not only beautify your room.
Standing rack planter with this two-level stand, which includes the use of pre-cut wooden circles and pens. Easy to make and also very modern.
This tiered factory stand will definitely do a very great job. Bright yellow color will certainly attract the attention of people when visiting your home.

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A beautiful herb garden for some beautiful flower plants and beautiful succulents too. Multi-level wooden mounts take longer to make in your room.

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Ornamental plants have a function to beautify the room and yard. In addition, ornamental plants with special types have certain functions. This plant is used to decorate the environment because it has beautiful shapes, colors, and patterns. For example, you can place these plants on a plant rack or hang them neatly. Then put these plants on the patio or yard so that your house looks fresh this winter.

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