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30 Ways to Apply the Snowflakes for Your Winter Decoration

To have beautiful Christmas decorations with snowflake, you don’t have to buy them. Moreover,…

Christmas celebration will be more festive with the presence of various ornaments and knick-knacks that adorn the church building, home or workspace. The function of the ornament is to beautify the appearance of the product form so that it becomes a work of art. We usually use various ornaments such as star trinkets, Santa Claus, mason jar, pine cone, string lights to make the house become festive. Another good item to decorate the house is by using snowflakes decorating.

To have beautiful Christmas decorations with snowflake, you don’t have to buy them. Moreover, you can be creative by using the used items as a basic material to make a variety of Christmas decorations. The process of making this Christmas decoration can also make your Christmas warmer because it is done together with the family. You can make snowflakes from paper and then hang them on your porch.

White snowflakes are hung and place this ornament on the front porch as decoration
Hang decorations on the lights by adding snowflakes to enhance the beauty of the room in your home
Combine white snowflakes with a round frame of leaves and twigs are then you can place it in the front door
Homemade white snowflakes painted on small wooden boxes and flower frames from brown branches
Small white snowflakes and combined with green pine leaves and white poms. You can put this ornament on the fireplace
Small white snowflakes as decorations that are hung and combined with small plants placed in pots
Small white snowflakes as a used glass decoration on the wall so the decoration is not monotonous
White snowflakes in pine fruit and placed in a container for table decorations in the middle to make it look beautiful
White snowflake decoration for decorating white fireplace combined with lots of white candles to add warmth
Snowflake decoration on a white plate and combined with white candle lights

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DIY decoration of snowflakes on wooden boards and added with a small Christmas tree that beautifies the atmosphere
Decoration of snowflakes on a white board and text and white pom poms decorations
Snowflake decoration combined with leaf decorations placed in kitchenware storage cabinets
White snowflake design that is hung on a lamp as decoration for the dining room in your home

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Large white snowflake ornament for decoration and combined with a beautiful small golden Christmas tree
Large white snowflake decoration made of paper as decoration for the walls in your home
wood snowflake decoration can give a simple impression
DIY decoration of snowflakes from ice cream sticks used as wall decorations
DIY decoration of snowflakes from unique wood materials as well as decorations to make it look extraordinary

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DIY decoration of white snowflake made of paper as a decoration for candle lights to make it look better
White snowflake ornaments hung in front of wooden storage and other Christmas decorations
White snowflake ornaments that look sparkling and at the same time to decorate a Christmas tree in your home
Large white and light blue snowflake ornaments and as decoration for your room or your child
Combine a white snowflakes and small Christmas trees to complement the decor
You can place your snowflakes decoration on wooden boards. Use threads to create this item.
hung your DIY snowflakes decoration and put it at your front door
DIY decoration from white snowflakes as decoration in front of your house by hanging it

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Each snowflake has its own uniqueness, including what you will make later. Snowflakes have a unique shape and decoration you can put anywhere, including in your home window. Not only made of paper, but you can also make snowflakes using yarn. then you also have to prepare a wooden board as the base. Furthermore, you can make your snowflake as a decoration of the room by attaching sparkling trinkets and then hang it with yarn.

snowflakes are ornaments that we often see in winter and Christmas. This decoration serves to make the house look sweet. Snowflake is not only for decorating a Christmas tree, but this decoration is also suitable for decorating every corner of your room. Materials that can be used to make snowflake decorations are paper, wood, and yarn. To make your house look beautiful, you can combine snowflakes with other decorations such as candles, salt jar, mini Christmas trees, and leaf decorations.

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