15 Ways to Apply the Snowflakes for Your Winter Decoration

Winter decoration will be more festive with the presence of various ornaments and knick-knacks that adorn the church building, home or workspace. The function of the ornament is to beautify the appearance of the product form so that it becomes a work of art. Good item to decorate the winter home decor is by using snowflakes. These winter ornaments can be applied to anything. Whether your walls, doors, windows, or hang them from the ceiling. Here are some references.

You can make snowflakes with plain white paper in a variety of different sizes to make it look more varied and not boring. Just use scraps of paper with a thicker material so they don’t tear easily when used for a long time. Join these snowflakes together using a piece of white string to hang them more easily on the wall in the kitchen area. Do this snow paper cutting in detail neatly to get a prettier and maximum pattern and end result, you can try it right now with ease. Also combine this snowflake accent with a Christmas tree that can be placed close together so that it can be used as a statement in this room. Statement Snowflakes Kitchen Decor from @caradiseinteriors

White paper with a material that is stiffer and clogged will make it easier for you to turn it into one of the important ornaments that are often used to decorate winter rooms. What you can do now is turn the paper into snowflake ornaments to hang on the glass windows in this dining room. Make enough snowflakes to use as a new focal point. Besides being able to be seen from indoors, the existence of these snowflakes can also be seen from outside so that it adds a more attractive impression to your home decor. Adhesive glue and scissors are the main ingredients needed. Winter Window Treatments Decoration from @littlerenovationstories

The living room is one of the rooms that are often visited by guests who visit your home, therefore you can decorate it to the maximum. The first thing you can do here is decorate the walls using some DIY snowflakes that you can make yourself using materials you already have at home to save on your budget. Currently you are using paper with two different colors, combine white and brown paper as a color combination that can blend perfectly. Hang this snowflake ornament along with a winter sign that has a size large enough so that it can be used as a more unique and eye-catching room background. DIY Snowflakes for Winter Living Room Decor from @thebluegoose16

Don’t let your banister decorations look plain and boring when Christmas comes. Make it look more fun by decorating it with some DIY snowflake ornaments that can be hung neatly in this area. Also use plain white paper so that it has color harmony with the original color. Then you can make this ornament with a variety of different sizes for a more varied appearance and not easily boring. Do the cutting in detail for maximum results. A mini Christmas tree with evergreen material can be placed on top of the dresser so that it emphasizes the winter theme. Different Sized Snowflakes Banister from @theyorkshirehomemaker

The combination of DIY white snowflakes with evergreen garland can be applied simultaneously to the handrail so that it has a more unique final look and is ready to welcome the winter theme this year. It’s not enough with winter ornaments, but for now you can also perfect it with string light accents that can be used as additional lighting that can be obtained online at a fairly affordable price. Hang it to the iron handrail using a white rope so as not to damage this paper ornament so that it can last for a long time. These evergreen ingredients can be obtained in the backyard garden for free, just choose those that are still fresh and haven’t withered. Snowflakes with Garland Handrail Decor from @myhomeat67

When winter comes, of course, having a fireplace is an important interior that must be owned in every room of your house. Yes, its existence can be used as a room temperature warmer and of course it will relax your body because you feel enough warmth. That’s not enough, you can also decorate the fireplace mantle with DIY snowflake ornaments that you can make yourself using materials you already have in your home. For example, you can make it out of cardboard with splashes of brown which will stand out in contrast to the part of the mantle that has been repainted in white. Other decorations or ornaments that you can place in this fireplace area are a mini evergreen Christmas tree and a white hanging stocking. Winter Snowflakes Mantel Decoration from @aprettyhappyhome

Because this snowflake ornament has a fairly large size, you can use just one because it already fills the glass window that is used in your bathroom. Try to make these snowflakes yourself to save more budget expenses. Make it using plain paper material with a thicker surface so that it is not easily damaged or not easily torn when used throughout the winter. Furthermore, other mini ornaments that can be used as winter windowsill decorations are mini stars and a candlestick which is dominated by plain white as well. This snowflake is one of the important ornaments that is quite a favorite to use in winter. Snowflake Window Bathroom Decor from @poplarfields

The hanging installation in the decoration of the dining room this winter is dominated by the presence of hanging snowflakes which have more numbers so that they are ready to be used as the focal point of the room. These snowflakes look very snowy and you can combine them with centerpiece decorations that are dominated by deer ornaments made of natural wood. These two ornaments will work well together in the same room when winter comes. One of the advantages that you can get here is that this snowflakes hanging installation ornament can be applied in any room with any style and theme, including rustic, modern, contemporary or farmhouse themes. Hanging Installation Snowy Snowflake from @eventoslascatrinas

Five snowflake ornaments strung together using a string can be used as a wall hanging decoration and a garland design that you can do yourself with handicrafts that are quite eye-catching. Here you can use snowflakes ornaments made of paper which have several different color combinations so that they appear more unique and different. Make these snowflakes with two different sizes, small and large sizes to be a smart idea that you can apply. Just use a rope material that is sturdy enough so that the garland design is not easily damaged. Paper Snowflakes Garland Wall Hanging from @kidfriendlynewengland

This part of the shiplap wall which is painted in plain white looks very elegant, luxurious and modern. So that it doesn’t look too plain, you can decorate it with glitter snowflakes and greenery garlands to add new colors to this wall area. Install and buy these glitter snowflakes at your nearest winter store for a very affordable price. You can hang it symmetrically on the wall so that it looks neater and orderly. The addition of pinecones to this garland section is a clever idea that will never fail to be used for this winter decoration. Modern Look Glitter Snowflakes Decor from @fawnandfableinteriors

The coffee bar is one of the rooms that your guests often visit to just make warm drinks when winter arrives. So from that you can decorate it with a snowflakes theme with matching color splashes, namely plain white. Put these snowflakes in several different areas, for example on the empty wall area in the floating shelves area and on the countertop dresser. To add a warm atmosphere in this room, you can add some candlesticks as additional lighting in this room. Arrange and arrange all the coffee bar tools and equipment to get a more eye-catching look. Snowflake Themed Coffee Bar from @blessmytexasnest

A vintage dresser made of wood can be completed with an ice crystal garland with a beautiful snowflake pattern that can be worn all winter. The size of the snowflake garland is longer so it looks more charming. You can also try fresh evergreen additions today and they will never fail, just get these evergreen ingredients in your backyard garden. Because the snowflake is dominated by plain white, the reclaimed wood background makes its existence look more contrasting. You can try it right now with ease and joy. Ice Crystal Garland Design from @leeandcostore

Buy balloons and snowflakes in colors that are dominated by blue, white and silver. You can use ball balloons and snowflake balloons to stack them together outdoors. The size is quite large and tall, ready to welcome all guests who visit your home with great joy. Two snowflake balloons can be placed evenly on the bottom and top to make it more elegant and beautiful. Just put it right in front of the door, try not to disturb the space for someone who will enter this house. Balloons with a glossy surface will look more glamorous when exposed to the sun’s reflection. Festive Look Snowflake Porch Ideas from @confettibarco

One of the best ways you can welcome guests who visit your home in winter is to hang a large enough snowflake ornament. Try hanging it on the front door made of wood that has been repainted with a solid black color so that it can be used as a background decoration that has quite good color contrast. Furthermore, here you can also make this snowflake accent with furry material to have harmony with the winter theme. Just buy this ornament at the nearest craft shop or you can also buy it online at a fairly affordable price. This black and white color combination presents a monochromatic touch with a touch of a modern theme. Furry Snowflake Hanging Door Decor from @cstebar

This snowflake ornament with a silver glitter surface gives a more luxurious and shiny impression and appearance. Try to make it as one of the centerpiece decorations that can be combined with other ornaments with a touch of the same color. For example, you can combine it with a mini Christmas tree glass with different heights so that it looks more varied. This centerpiece decoration can be combined with dining tables and chairs that have been repainted in plain white. To add color to the decoration of the dining room this winter, you can put a standing Christmas tree dominated by evergreen materials. Glitter Snowflakes Centerpiece Decoration from @kirklands

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Each snowflake has its own uniqueness, including what you will make later. Snowflakes have a unique shape and decoration you can put anywhere, including in your home window. Not only made of paper, but you can also make snowflakes using yarn. then you also have to prepare a wooden board as the base. Furthermore, you can make your snowflake as a decoration of the room by attaching sparkling trinkets and then hang it with yarn.

snowflakes are ornaments that we often see in winter and Christmas. This decoration serves to make the house look sweet. Snowflake is not only for decorating a Christmas tree, but this decoration is also suitable for decorating every corner of your room. Materials that can be used to make snowflake decorations are paper, wood, and yarn. To make your house look beautiful, you can combine snowflakes with other decorations such as candles, salt jar, mini Christmas trees, and leaf decorations.


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